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Useful Hacks That Will Enhance Your Driving Experience

Driving is a fun experience, especially when you’re out on the open road. That’s why it’s not surprising that we spend 4.3 years of our lives driving, according to data on Visually. However, to enjoy unforgettable road trips, you need excellent driving skills. 

To become a better driver, one needs to practice constantly. And as you’re improving your driving skills, it’s important to learn essential tips that make your daily commute or long-distance trips more bearable. Learning how to restart the engine while driving, for example, can help prevent the car from losing its power steering and brakes, thus lowering the risk of a collision. Keep reading to learn more useful hacks that will enhance your driving experience. 

Use the Handbrake Regularly

Many drivers overlook the emergency brake, and that makes it lose its importance. What they don’t know is that the emergency brake can help regain control of your car in situations, like brake failure that may lead to serious accidents. Other times you should use the emergency brake include parking on a hill, changing a flat tire, having your car flat-bedded for servicing, and during test drives. 

It’s also crucial to use the emergency brake every day to reduce pressure on the transmission and other car components when parking. By engaging the emergency brake before shifting to park mode, you add a layer of security. That’s because the emergency brake limits stress on the transmission. 

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle in good condition is vital to enhance your driving experience, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, it’s possible to meet vehicle maintenance schedules even on a low budget by following several hacks. For example, you can apply shaving cream on windows and wipe it off using a paper towel. This trick helps defog the glass surface, making it clean and clear so you can have a perfect view of your driving surroundings. 

There are other effective car maintenance hacks that you can try, like unlocking frozen windows and locks using a blow dryer. Alternatively, spray cooking oil on rubber parts on your car doors to prevent freezing. Another smart hack every driver should know is pouring a teaspoon of black pepper into a radiator to stop a leak. The primary function of the radiator in a car is to monitor and control engine temperature to prevent overheating. With this in mind, you should inspect the radiator and perform preventive maintenance to enhance its performance. 

Keep the Car Interior Clean

Naturally, driving in a dirty and smelly car is unsafe and embarrassing. Clogged air conditioning vents and food debris on seats, for example, can lead to serious health infections like headaches, eye irritation, and sneezing. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on car washing services to maintain high levels of hygiene in your car. Consider implementing simple car cleaning hacks like using vinegar to deep clean seats. Also, sprinkle baking soda on car seats and mats before vacuuming, keep the dashboard clean and shiny by applying olive oil, and pick off dust from surfaces using a clay bar. 

Driving is enjoyable, but too often drivers encounter challenges that make their trips unbearable. That’s why it’s crucial to learn car hacks that make your daily commute less stressful. As a driver, you should always use the handbrake when there’s a brake failure to avoid an accident. It’s also crucial to conduct mini vehicle maintenance checks and keep the car’s interior clean by using basic kitchen ingredients, like vinegar, baking soda, and olive oil.

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Ruth Doyle