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Top 5 things to do in Lucknow

Top 5 things to do in Lucknow

Imagine being amidst a skyline crowded with spectacular buildings and interesting ancient styles. That’s Lucknow for you. This capital city is a perfect mix of modern luxury and ancient beauty all in a single platform. The city flaunts art, craft, music, embroidery, poetry, etc. while amalgamating modern facilities such as finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, etc.  So let’s take a look at the things you can do when in this beautiful city for an epic holiday session.

1. Learn the story of Indian Independence Rebellion

When at Lucknow, make sure you get insight into the freedom struggles that gained us our independence. Visit the 1857 Memorial Museum that houses relics that lay out the story of India’s independence struggle in chronological order. This monument turned museum is one among the best historical monuments in Lucknow lining out the history of the city. A good chunk of the displays laid out inside the place is diorama while the other half is canvas paintings, lithographs, and photographs portraying the battles held at “The Residency”.

2. Watch the Mughal Complex Replica at Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara was one among the earlier attempts made by architects in Lucknow to replicate the Mughal Complex structure. Built back in 1784, Bara Imambara was created under the tutelage of Asaf-ud-Daula who was the 4th Nawab of Awadh. The collection of structures is devoid of any European element. Visit the beautiful “Bawali” or the step-well which once served as the summer palace for Nawabs in Lucknow. With labyrinthine passages, 489 similar doorways, and a breathtaking view of Lucknow city, the Bara Imambara is one among the places in Lucknow to visit during holidays.

3. Savor the Nawabi flavors at Oudhyana

Located at the Lobby of Vivanta by Taj, this is where you need to be when looking for the finest dining experience at Lucknow. Exquisite chandeliers, luxurious décor, and amazingly delicious Nawabi cuisines visit this gracious location a good decision. The in-house Chef Nagendra Singh fulfils your wish for the royal delicacies. So get yourself a ride to the famous Gomti Nagar and treat your mouth and stomach with a taste to never forget.

4. Gaze upon the impressive flora & faun

Lucknow Zoo has served as one among the best tourist attractions in the city which is frequented by the outsiders as well as locals. This zoo has played an important role in educating people with regards to wildlife and environmental preservation. This zoo is now home to 447 mammals, 57 reptiles, 348 burds, and many other rare creatures.

5. Shop along at Hazratganj

Hazratganj is among the major shopping destinations located at the heart of the city. It was initially established in the year 1810 under the reign of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. The locale is named after the 4th caliph, Hazrat Ali. The market is comprised of several lanes and is frequented by the music patrons and artists.

Experience the richness and sophistication of the city while you chase down the famous shopping destinations and eateries in Lucknow during your holiday.

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