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Tips and Tricks for Sterilized Lash Extension Tools

Tips and Tricks for Sterilized Lash Extension Tools

Lash extensions are sensitive in nature. They require proper care. Cleanliness is key. Proper procedures should be practiced. That’s why you should only use clean and sterilizing eyelash extension tools. So, if you are a professional eyelash extension artist, you have to pay close attention to the tools you use. Otherwise, you may end up messing your customers with unnecessary problems. Here is all you should know regarding sterilizing eyelash extension tools.


Cleanliness is an extremely important aspect. So, always be sure to observe the right procedures. Always keep things clean and sterilized. And this is particularly true when it comes to eyelash extensions. You really don’t want to get an eye infection, right?

How to Sterilize Eyelash Extension Tools

Generally speaking, there isn’t a specific procedure for cleaning your tools. But it’s always advisable to wash your tools with warm water and then disinfect them. After you’re done doing that, go ahead and place your tools in a safe container. Leave them to soak for about ten minutes and then rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Then allow them to dry.

How Frequently Should You Sterilize Eyelash Extension Tools?

Always keep your tools clean. Clean and disinfect them after every removal. Remember, there’s a lot of bacteria around us and it can be potentially harmful. Don’t leave your tools unattended. If you operate a business, be sure to disinfect the tools between clients. Purchase the right reagents. Do it frequently. This will eliminate costly mistakes and even health-related lawsuits. Remember, lash extension procedures are delicate in nature. They involve handling delicate body tissues.

How Should You Store Your Sterilizing Eyelash Extension Tools?

It isn’t all about washing and sterilizing. There’s actually a lot more you need to do. Once you have cleaned your tools, you need to safely keep them in airtight containers. This might sound simple but it’s very important. So, take the time to learn how to do it right. As a business owner, keeping all your clients satisfied starts with the things you do before applying their lashes. Aside from keeping the tools clean, you also need to make sure that the rest of your salon is clean and tidy. This will attract more customers to your business and ensure that you get more revenue.

Key Takeaway

Thriving in the lash industry requires a lot of dedication. It takes a lot of focus. You must invest heavily. Also, you should have the right tools. However, you can have all these and still fail to hit the ground running. And one of the biggest problems that can pin you down is the cleanliness of your tools. That’s why you should learn how to sterilize your eyelash extension tools. Also, you need to get your tools from the best eyelash extension supplies.

The Bottom-Line

Running an eyelash extension business is one thing. However, keeping customers trickling in and avoiding unnecessary lawsuits is another thing. One thing that can mess you up is not using the correct procedures, utilizing unclean eyelash extension tools, etc. Only use sterilized eyelash extension tools. The above article will help you sterilize your tools and deliver the best lash extension services.

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