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Is there a problem with my Kenworth Cummins heater?

Is there a problem with my Kenworth Cummins heater?

Im having problems with my def system in my kenworth t680. 2015 kenworth t680 cummins #79827325. I am, traced to heater Have truck repair questions?

What kind of DEF system does a Kenworth T680 have?

I have a 2011 F650 with the 6.7 cummings. The truck is in a derated state with codes 3714, 3712, 3147 and 3258. I don’t know much about … read more

Why does my Kenworth T660 keep throwing FMI 18?

2016 Kenworth T660 with a cummins isx 450. keeps throwing spn 4334 fmi 18. dealership has changed the def pump, decompisition tube, and injector. code keeps coming back. What could it be? … read more

What are the problems with a Cummins DPF?

We had the following problems: The DPF wouldnt clean, stop engine lights, check engine Lights, de rates, limp modes and shuts down. The worst part was that the truck only had 50,000 miles on it. I heard about Ecmperformance.com from a mechanic at the dealership. 3 days later we installed the reprogrammed ECM and no more problems with the truck.

When to return engine aftertreatment system Peterbilt?

When you do, please be sure to return it when you are finished using it. That way it will be there when you need it the next time or when you pass the vehicle on to the next user. NOTE After you’ve read this manual, it should be stored in the cab for convenient ref- erence and remain with this truck when sold.

Do you know the instructions for engine aftertreatment?

Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the instructions that pertain to just your vehicle. In addition, if your vehicle is equipped with special equipment or options not discussed in this manual, consult your

Why did my Cummins truck go into PTO?

After days on the job, one truck went into shutdown. The other two, after a week, went into limp mode and had issues with PTO (power take off) when running the buckets continuously. A crew member we added on in Florida knew about ECM Performance and their work with emergency vehicles.

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