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Is the Chevy Silverado SS a 1LE pickup?

Is the Chevy Silverado SS a 1LE pickup?

With that in mind, we’re going off the rails a bit and pumping even more performance into the popular light-duty pickup, elevating it beyond the SS and up to 1LE status, similar to the model cadence offered by the Chevrolet Camaro.

What kind of front suspension does a Chevy Silverado use?

All the SS trucks in both 2 wheel drive and AWD used the torsion bar style front suspension for better handling. SS themed trucks were only available from the factory in Black Onyx, Victory Red, and Arrival Blue Metallic from 2003 to 2004. In 2005 Arrival Blue Metallic was dropped from the color choices and replaced with Silver Birch Metallic .

Is the Chevy Silverado SS 1LE hot to trot?

While Chevrolet previously offered a Silverado SS model variant in the early 2000s, a hot-to-trot 1LE variant was never part of the lineup.

What are the safety features on a Chevy Silverado?

Advanced, active safety features included in the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado are: 1 Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert 2 Front and Rear Park Assist 3 Lane Keep Assist 4 Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking 5 IntelliBeam headlamps, high-beam assist 6 Front Pedestrian Braking 7 Surround Vision 360-degree Camera System

What is the Z71 package on a Chevy Silverado?

When equipped with the optional Z71 package (available exclusively on the LT and LTZ trims), the Silverado is transformed into a fully-capable off-road machine. And just so everyone knows what your truck is really capable of, each Silverado equipped with this optional off-road package features exclusive Z71 badges and graphics.

When did the Chevy Silverado SS come out?

The Silverado SS was a high-performance variant of the Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Silverado SS – GMT900 Generation The first and only Silverado SS launched in early 2003. It was based on the GMT-800 generation Silverado 1500 (half ton) model with upgrades to the drivetrain, exterior and interior, including:

What kind of rear differential does Chevy Z71 have?

Standard on newer Z71 models is an exclusive automatic locking rear differential. Manufactured by Eaton, this heavy-duty automatic locking rear diff (also known as the Eaton G80) reacts in milliseconds to distribute power among the rear wheels for improved forward motion in low-traction situations.

What kind of shocks does a Chevy Silverado have?

Current model Silverado LT and LTZ pickups equipped with the Z71 package include heavy-duty Rancho shocks to help you stay comfortable and in control when the road gets rough. These monotube shocks feature a high-pressure gas charge that separates the unit’s internal oil and nitrogen.

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