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How much horsepower does a BBC 454 have?

How much horsepower does a BBC 454 have?

This tends to increase power production higher in the rev range, while trading low-speed torque, though a power peak below 5,500 rpm can hardly be called “high.” Equipped with the COMP XR274HR cam (.510 lift, 224/230-degree duration split, and 110 lsa), the 454 produced 435 hp at 4,900 rpm and 515 lb-ft of torque at 3,700 rpm.

How much lift does a BBC Cam need?

The tested high-lift cam offered .080 more lift, a significant amount and one that required not only the right cylinder heads but the right valve spring package. It seems like common sense if you have cylinder heads that continue to flow well at .600 lift, then the motor should respond well to a .600-lift cam.

Can a Mark IV head be used on a Gen VI block?

Gen VI blocks fixed the incompatibility issue with the revised coolant system, so that it will no longer leak coolant, but if you use a Mark IV head on a Gen VI block it will overheat unless you revise the water passages in the head to match the block (use Gen VI head gasket to bore new coolant holes).

What kind of head does a Camaro Mark IV use?

The Oval port heads flow much better in stock form and reworked with 2.19″ or 2.30″ intake and 1.88″ exhaust valves are excellent for a race engine (with a little pocket porting). The cooling system is very different on the Gen V engine and if you use a Mark IV head on a Gen V block it will leak coolant into the lifter valley.

What kind of heads do I need for a Vortec 454?

Click to expand… Those heads are the L29 Vortec heads and are very good. You will need the special rocker studs as the threads in the heads are metric. Felpro makes a head gasket that allows one to put these heads on a Mark IV block.

What kind of head does a big block Chevy have?

Big-block Chevy factory heads are offered in aluminum and cast iron, with either open or closed combustion chambers, and with oval or rectangular intake ports.

Are there domed pistons for the BBC L29 ( Vortec ) head?

I haven’t seen any domed pistons made for the BBC L29 (Vortec) head. The huge vane in the center of the chamber will likely be a problem as it protrudes well into the chamber where a piston dome would be at TDC. Hi, I recently bought this 1998 truck motor with plans to put it in my camaro.

Is there a way to wake up a Chevy 454?

Don’t mess with the exhaust port, in spite of it’s size, it’s the best flowing of any Chevy ever did. If you really want to wake the engine up, sell the L29’s to someone building a tow type engine and pick up a pair of 702 closed chamber heads. They’ll wake up with the same work plus the valves can be unshrouded to help ’em flow a good bit better.

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