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How much does it cost to engine swap an S10?

How much does it cost to engine swap an S10?

If you choose to have a shop perform the swap, that can considerably change the price, as well. The average cost we’ve found, for a V-8 conversion and all of the parts necessary is between $3,500-7,500.

How can I convert a S10 compressor to a LSX?

Check the “yellow pages” or google your location. Another option for engines with truck pulleys is using a stock S10 compressor using a “pre-vortec” style A/C bracket: Note the location of the alternator. This will hit the powersteering pump. CPW or Kwik has a bracket to relocate it to the high position.

Where is the stock compressor on a S-10?

1. Use the stock compressor, located in the stock location. 2. Use a High mount relocation bracket that moves a Sanden compressor to the upper passenger side of the engine. a. Street and Performance style bracket without a tensioner b. CPW (and others) style bracket with a factory tensioner Note dimensions of notch.

Can a LSX S10 be converted to a 4WD?

However, if you move the engine backwards any (in order to gain clearance for the radiator and fans), this will require shortening the rear and lengthening the front driveshaft. The 4WD S10 uses a remote oil filtration system, which is an advantage, but requires additional plumbing.

Can a small block engine be swapped for an LS engine?

Unfortunately LS engines don’t just simply bolt in place of a traditional small-block or big-block. While they are similar in size, the engine mounts are different. With the ever growing popularity of swapping LS engines into classics, there are a lot of options for engine mounts.

Can a blazer be swapped for a S-10?

Don’t know where to ask this ? so thought I would start here…has anyone swapped a newer v8 (5.2or LS eng) into an S-10 style Chev Blazer ? Any thoughts or ideas welcome…am in the research process for this mod…thanks…Barry

Is there an LS swap kit for a S-10 pickup?

This LS swap kit is for 1982-2004 S-10 2 wheel drive pickup trucks and Blazers. The center of this conversion is our engine mounts and crossmember kit. This mount kit includes new frame brackets that bolt into existing holes in the frame.

Can you use stock oil pan on s10v8 Blazer?

As far as the headers, s10v8.com sells custom ones and conversion mounts for the LS series motor. As far as the oil pan goes I was able to retain the stock truck pan because I no longer have the independent front suspension. I went to a solid front axle.

Is there a harness plug for a S-10 Blazer?

I had to run electric fans, The engine sits much farther forward than the stock v6 leaving no clearance for a clutch fan. For wiring, the stock 6.0 harness plug was able to be used after switching the pins around. It plugged right into the stock distribution box. The stock fuel pump and tank worked fine.

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