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How does the HVAC actuator work on a GM Sparkys?

How does the HVAC actuator work on a GM Sparkys?

The driver set when set to “hot” would produce heat through the ducts. The Passenger side would not blow heat on the “hot” setting but it would blow heat when set to “cold” on the Tech2. The temperature sensor readings were interesting as well.

Where does the air come from in a GMC Sierra?

This 2005 GMC Sierra came in with the complaint that the air will only flow from the defroster vents, regardless of where it is commanded to. This Sierra has auto a/c controls and no floor mounted center console.

How to recalibrate the HVAC actuator in a GM Truck?

For manual systems it does not matter where the a/c controls are set but if you feel the need to do something, turn the blower switch on (I prefer speed 3) and set the temperature sliders about .5″ to .75″ from full cold. For auto systems, press the auto button, with the key on. Turn the ignition off.

Where is the actuator motor on a GMC Sierra?

The goal is to leave the cam/cog in place on the end of the heater-a/c case and to remove the actuator motor only. The old assembly on the left and the new one on the right. Taking the new actuator motor and installing it on the old cam/cog.

What does the air door actuator on a Chevy do?

The Air Door Actuator controls the flow and temperature of air in your vehicle’s AC system. This part commonly fails on Chevrolet, Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile or GMC models leading incorrect air flow or temperatures inside your vehicle.

When did directional air flow stop working on my GMC Sierra?

Directional air flow stopped working on my 1995 GMC Sierra 2500 SLE and this actuator worked and fit perfectly – and the price was extremely reasonable (especially considering the local chain stores wanted almost double the cost).

How does a climate control actuator work in a car?

They also control hot and cold settings for right and left passenger compartments. Your car’s climate control computer gives an electrical command to the actuator to start moving the actuator motor to change air direction modes. This direction is according to the temperature chosen by the driver or passenger on dual climate control systems.

Why does my GMC Sierra not switch from cold to hot?

Won’t switch from,cold to hot, stays on air conditioner all the time, won’t switch to heat, replaced the blend door actuator and it still does it. What else could be wrong? Heat vent operation will only blow on the floor and windshield defrost.

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