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How do you replace the ball joints in a Chevy truck?

How do you replace the ball joints in a Chevy truck?

Your truck will need a front end alignment once you’ve replaced the ball joints. Park your truck on a level surface and set the parking brake. Remove the center cap from the front wheel, if equipped. If your truck is four-wheel drive, remove the cotter pin from the CV shaft nut with a pair of pliers.

What are the upper ball joints for a car?

Find upper ball joints for your vehicle below. Your front upper ball joints have a big impact on your ability to steer your vehicle and when they wear down you can get steering wander, vibration, and handling issues.

How do you know if ball joints need to be replaced?

Inspect the ball joints to make sure they need to be replaced. Figure out if your vehicle’s got a strut-style suspension or a control arm, then check the ball joint by either jacking up the control arm near the ball joint to check for wheel play, or by jacking up the car and using a pry-bar to check for wheel play in a strut-style suspension.

How much does it cost to replace four ball joints in a car?

If you plan on replacing four ball joints, then this can amount to $1000 or more. Usually, mechanics include an alignment when replacing ball joints. What you should know is that you do not need to replace all the ball joints at the same time. In fact, your car can run properly even if you just replace the ones that are faulty.

How do you install a ball joint on a car?

Press the lower ball joint into the control arm using a ball joint installation tool. Make sure the grease seal is pointed towards the engine. Slide the ball joint stud through the hole in the steering knuckle. Install the castle nut and torque to 90 foot-pounds. Install a new cotter pin through the ball joint stud.

How do you replace a steering knuckle ball joint?

Use a 1/2-inch drill bit to drill out the rivets that secure the ball joint to the upper control arm. Inspect the ball joint stud hole in the steering knuckle. If it is out of round, it must be replaced. Position the ball joint in the upper control arm. The new ball joint will come will bolts and nuts to replace the rivets you drilled out.

How is retaining pin removed from upper ball joint?

Remove the retaining pin and nut from the upper ball joint. Slide a ball joint separator between the upper ball joint stud and the lower control arm. Spin the nut to lengthen the ball joint separator until the upper ball joint breaks free of the steering knuckle.

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