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How do you install a power steering box?

How do you install a power steering box?

Instructions: 1. If you are reusing the original pitman arm remove it from the steer- ing box. If you are replacing the pitman arm remove it from the center link. 2. If the vehicle already has power steering, remove the power steer- ing hoses from the steering box. 3. Remove the coupler (rag joint or U-joint) from the steering box.

How do you fill a power steering reservoir?

Fill the power steering reservoir with new power steering fluid. When using a new steering gear box with an old pump, CPP rec- ommends using a power steering filter, part number PS10. Run the engine and slowly turn the steering wheel. Stop the engine several times and add fluid to the reservoir as needed.

What’s the power steering box for a 1949 Ford?

INSTRUCTIONS FOR 1949-51 FORD POWER STEERING BOX CONVERSION INSTRUCTIONS FOR 1949-51 FORD POWER STEERING BOX CONVERSION This power steering box is designed to replace the original manual box via a bracket which bolts to both the original frame and the new steering box.

Do you need an inline power steering filter?

CPP highlyrecommends adding an inline power steering filter whenever a used power steering pump is used with your gear box. This simple step will ensure that you will not contaminate your new sttering gear and will keep your box eligible for warranty. These types of filters are available through CPP or your local auto parts store. Specifications:

Can a 605 be converted to power steering?

A picture walk thru of the 605 power steering conversion for a 55-56-57 Chevy. Below a comparision of the 605 to the original tri-five steering boxes. To disassemble the 605 box, remove pitman arm, if attached. Then remove the snap ring in the top of the 605 that holds the round top cap on.

What kind of steering box does a GP 605 have?

I used a 1985 Pontiac GP 605 box, quick ratio, rebuilt, about $100. I did need to grind off a little nub on the inboard side of the box to clear the PS pump pulley. . U-joint

How to hook up a power steering pump?

1) Adapter, -6 to 1/2-20 2) Adapter, -6 to 5/8-18 1) Hose Clamp 3’ S.S. Braided Teflon Hose Your HEIDTSHot Rod Shop Power Steering Hose Kit is used to hook up a GM power steering pump to a Mustang II power rack & pinion. This kit contains fittings and hose to complete a basic hook up in a typical installation.

Where is the snap nut on a 605 power steering?

Look around the top edge and you will find a small hole near the line fittings. Take a pin punch or an awl and push it into the little hole. This will push the snap ring in so that you can get a screw driver under the snap ring and gently pry it out. Also remove the lock nut from the adjusting screw/bolt.

What should I do before replacing my power steering pump?

We recommend that before you go and replace a power steering pump make sure that you have not lost power steering fluid. If you need help on checking the power steering fluid then check out this video. If you fluid level is low fill it up, using Mercedes Benz Power steering Fluid .

How do you replace a power steering line?

Make sure to not damage the small O ring when you pull out the line. Use a flat screwdriver to pull out the C shape locking ring on the back of the power steering reservoir. Make sure to not loose the rubber O ring. Don’t get it damaged or dirty. Remove the bolt on the front of the power steering reservoir.

How do you remove a power steering reservoir?

Turn the bolts counterclockwise to remove them. Pull the power steering pump free from the engine compartment. Locate the two metal snap flanges on each side of the reservoir. Use a slot screwdriver to pry them apart and pull the reservoir out of the pump body.

Locate the power steering line you want to replace. If the old one is leaking, then it likely will have power steering fluid all over the line so it should be easy to locate. Loosen the line from the steering rack using the line wrench and allow any excess fluid to flow into the drain pan.

How much does it cost to replace a power steering pump?

Depending on the car you drive, the power steering pump itself can cost anywhere from $25 to as much as $250 for the part. Again, this is for the part only.

Does power steering fluid need to be replaced?

The general rule of thumb that states the power steering fluid should be replaced every four years or after running the vehicle for 50,000 miles. A licensed mechanic will recommend that the power steering fluid be changed if it looks light brown when he or she is doing a vehicle inspection.

How do I replace the power steering pump?

Here’s how to replace a power steering pump. Shut off the engine and let it cool off. Locate and identify the power steering pump. Remove the power-steering belt from the pump. Place a pan under the pump and drain the power-steering fluid from the pump by disconnecting the feed and return lines.

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