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How do you describe something with your senses?

How do you describe something with your senses?

Sensory words are descriptivethey describe how we experience the world: how we smell, see, hear, feel or taste something. Words related to hearing describe sounds. For instance: crashing, thumping, piercing, tingling, squeaky. Often these words mimic soundsthat’s when they’re called onomatopoeic.

What is a stronger word for angry?

irate, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, exasperated, indignant, aggrieved, irked, piqued, displeased, provoked, galled, resentful. furious, enraged, infuriated, in a temper, incensed, raging, incandescent, wrathful, fuming, ranting, raving, seething, frenzied, in a frenzy, beside oneself, outraged, in high dudgeon.

How do you express anger in words?

Synonymsblow up. phrasal verb. to suddenly become angry and shout at someone.flare. verb. to suddenly become angry or violent.fume. verb. to feel or show a lot of anger.seethe. verb. to be extremely angry.vent. verb. to express your feelings of anger very strongly.let rip. phrase. have/throw a fit. phrase. give vent to. phrase.

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