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How do I spend my summer vacation paragraph for Class 4?

How do I spend my summer vacation paragraph for Class 4?

Paragraph On How I Spent My Summer Vacation – 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children. I played a lot with my friends and finished my summer vacation homework with my parents’ help. Even I completed my homework while having fun with my friends. I spent most of the time reading books and practicing dance and karate.

How do you spend your day at home for Class 4?

As I’m in my home,I will get a lot of free time. I will try my best to spend the free time for doing different creative and productive things. I will try to read books of different genre to increase my knowledge about different topics. I will also try to do something about my hobbies,like painting and gardening.

How do we spend our Sunday?

9 Ways To Spend Your SundayHave a leisurely breakfast or brunch. Cook something you wouldn’t have time to cook on a weekday morning. Wear a ridiculous outfit. Wear something a bit weird or avant garde. Get out of your house. Go to your library. Write a letter. Have a nostalgia fest. Be around animals. Plan something to save up for.

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