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How do I find eBay sellers in my area?

How do I find eBay sellers in my area?

How to search for a seller on eBay

  1. Click on the “Advanced Search” link to the right of the search bar on the eBay homepage.
  2. Hit the “By Seller” link on the left side of the page.
  3. Check the box that says “Only show items from” and then select the “Specific Sellers” bullet point.

Who sells items on eBay for you?

Basically eBay Valet handles all the aspects involved in actually selling your product. The services takes care of taking the photos, writing the descriptions and then ships out the purchased item to your customer. Oh, and you even get to keep 70 percent of the sale price.

What is an eBay drop off store?

eBay drop off stores are businesses that sell items on a consignment basis for those who don’t want to set up their own eBay stores.

Can someone else sell my stuff on eBay?

Sites such as eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp and Facebook Marketplace allow just about anybody to vend their goods. Here’s what you need to know to get started, and what has the best chance of selling (and where).

How much does an eBay store cost?

eBay Store subscription fee per month

Store type Store subscription fee per month. Monthly renewal Store subscription fee per month. Yearly renewal
Starter $7.95 $4.95
Basic $27.95 $21.95
Premium $74.95 $59.95
Anchor $349.95 $299.95

What happened to eBay valet?

Why is eBay Valet no longer running? eBay has had some troublesome times with their consignment programs. The exact reason that eBay Valet was discontinued isn’t clear, but eBay offered the following statement on its closure: “We are always looking to provide the best experience for our customers.

Will eBay refund you if you get scammed?

If the buyer receives the wrong item, or the item arrives broken, damaged, or faulty (and was not clearly described as such), they are entitled to return it for a refund, even if the seller doesn’t offer returns.

What happens if an eBay seller doesn’t ship item?

If your item hasn’t arrived, you’re protected by the eBay Money Back Guarantee and can ask the seller for a refund. Some sellers may also be able to send you out a replacement item, if they have one.

What does it cost you to sell on eBay?

Final Value fees on auctions are pretty easy to figure out. If your item sells, you pay eBay 9% of the selling price to a maximum of $50.00.

What are the easiest things to sell on eBay?

Easiest Things to Sell on eBay. When learning to sell on eBay, start small, with inexpensive items around your home. Kitchen items, anything worth $20 or less that is new in the package, toys, mall brand or fast-fashion clothing, holiday decorations, books and media, bedding, and office supplies are good options for beginners.

How do you start selling on eBay?

Once you’ve signed up for an eBay account, here’s how to start selling: Select Sell at the top of any eBay page or go to Sell your item – opens in new window or tab. Create a listing for the item you’d like to sell. Confirm your details and add an automatic payment method for any eBay fees.

How much is it to sell an item on eBay?

The fees for Managed Payments on eBay are straightforward. Sellers who were enrolled by June 4, 2019, pay a final transaction fee of 2.7% , which includes shipping and handling, plus a payment processing fee of $.25 per item sold.

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