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Do you need expansion valves when installing a compressor?

Do you need expansion valves when installing a compressor?

Frankly you didn’t need the condenser and expansion valves either unless there is something wrong with those parts. Since you are installing a new compressor, make sure you evacuate the a/c lines once the compressor is installed and before you charge it with refrigerant.

When does an air conditioner expansion valve stop working?

Anytime the heat resistance is greater in the surrounding environment, the air conditioner will need even more refrigerant to create a cool temperature in the cabin. When you have an expansion valve that stops working properly, the symptoms will show up quickly. These symptoms will mostly pertain to the functionality of the air conditioning system.

What should I do if my expansion valve is stuck?

The compressor seems to be running constantly. The A/C line after the compressor gets very hot, about 165F. The condenser seems to be working alright, as it drops the temperature of the line to about 115F. I am starting to believe there is a problem with either the expansion valve stuck open, or a faulty compressor.

Where is the expansion valve on an AC unit?

The AC expansion valve is found within the air conditioning system of a vehicle. The purpose of the valve is to manage how much refrigerant liquid can flow throughout this system. Whenever there is an abundance of refrigerant, the core of the evaporator will get too cold and eventually freeze.

Can a bad expansion valve cause an AC compressor to run?

AC compressor constantly running. A constantly running compressor is another symptom of a possible problem with the AC expansion valve. If the AC expansion valve fails or sticks open, it will cause the compressor to pump refrigerant through the vehicle’s AC system, even when it may be undesirable for it to do so.

Why is my a / C expansion valve clogged?

If you have air in the system you have moisture. pressure in the system under function causes icing and blockage in the expansion valve and no worky A/c. So unless you are getting guage readings that say you areblocked I would try this first.

What to do if your air conditioner compressor locks up?

After a catastrophic compressor failure the system must be flushed, otherwise the new air conditioning compressor could get damaged by all the debris released by the old locked up a/c compressor. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend closed loop flushing with refrigerant as a flushing agent.

How to tell if an expansion valve is bad?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Expansion Valve (Orifice Tube) 1 AC system performing worse than usual and blowing warm air. 2 Frost on AC evaporator or coming from the vents. 3 AC compressor constantly running.

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