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Can different types of gobies live together?

Can different types of gobies live together?

Most gobies are going to be territorial towards anything that competes for the same space/food. In a larger tank, you may be able to keep multiple gobies of different types, depending on the specific fish in question.

What kind of gobies will pair with pistol shrimp?

Gobies of the following genera are noted as having symbioses with shrimp: Amblyeleotris, Ctenogobiops, Cryptocentrus, Stonogobiops, Vanderhorstia, Tomiamichthys and Mahidolia.

Do gobies mate for life?

On the reef the Diamond Goby is often found in pairs that are thought to be monogamous. They will create a burrow in the sand bed where they can retreat to at night or at signs of danger. A benefit of their sand sifting is that they keep the sand looking very clean because they are constantly turning it over.

Do gobies and blennies get along?

They get along fine. But the bicolor dottyback does harass the goby.

What is the relationship between shrimp and goby fish?

The Randall’s pistol shrimp has a symbiotic relationship, known as mutualism, with a fish called the Randall’s prawn goby (Amblyeleotris randalli). Mutualism is where two species are dependent on each other and both benefit from the relationship.

How do gobies breed?

It is the male that usually initiates breeding amongst the goby fish. The male typically entices the females to come into a spawning area usually under a cave. The female will follow the male and lay her eggs on that place and the male will finally fertilize the eggs.

What size tank does a goby need?

The fish reach a maximum size of six to seven inches long, but should never be kept in a tank of fewer than 30 gallons’ capacity. If you intend to keep a mated pair of gobies, you will need a larger tank. Gobies are renowned for jumping, so your tank must have a tight-fitted lid.

What is the smallest sand sifting goby?

The Court Jester goby fish would only sift through the top layer of the sand and won’t bury your corals on the bottom. They also eat small amounts of micro or soft hair algae….4. Orange Crosshatch Goby – Amblygobius decussatus.

Maximum Body Size: Around 3.7 inches (about 9.5 cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 25 gallons or more

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