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Can a tensioner be replaced with a pulley?

Can a tensioner be replaced with a pulley?

Tensioners usually come with pulleys; they are normally replaced together. Also, when replacing a tensioner, the drive belt usually must be removed. A mechanic may recommend replacing the belt as well. Check for any noise in the engine (usually a squeaky or grinding noise). Remove the drive belt (s) (in most cases).

Do you have to replace the tensioner on a serpentine belt?

However, many people don’t know the spring-loaded automatic tensioner that keeps a serpentine belt tight is also a wear item. Consequently, the automatic tensioner may also have to be replaced when the time comes to change the belt.

Can a tensioner be removed from an engine?

Automatic belt tensioners that are easily accessible may not be required to remove from the engine if you’re just replacing the pulley. Once the belt is removed from the pulley, you can remove the pulley bolt and washer and then remove the pulley to replace the new one.

Can a idler pulley be removed from an alternator?

To remove the drive belt, first release the tension to the belt. If your idler pulley attaches to the alternator, you will have to remove the bolt attaching the pulley to the alternator and push the entire alternator down to relieve the tension on the belt.

Where is the tensioner pulley on a power steering pump?

Step 3: Remove the serpentine belt or drive belt. To remove the serpentine belt, loosen the tensioner pulley that is located on the left side of the motor (as you’re looking at the motor). Once the tensioner pulley is loose, you can slip the belt off rather easily.

What’s the best way to remove a tensioner pulley?

Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise just far enough to slip the serpentine belt off the pulley closest to the belt (or pulley easiest for you to reach, depending on what kind of vehicle you’re working on).

How do you replace a power steering pulley?

Anytime you install a new power steering pump and pulley, you need to install a new belt. The process for installing this unit is exactly opposite from the removal. Secure the pump to the engine block by screwing bolts through the bracket to the block. Tighten bolts before proceeding to recommended torque pressure.

How can you tell if a tensioner pulley is glazing?

Shine the flashlight on the tensioner pulley and examine the pulley face. If there’s evidence of glazing on the pulley surface, the belt has been slipping on it.

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