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Why does my lawn mower keeps sputtering?

Why does my lawn mower keeps sputtering?

Dirty air filters are one of the most common reasons lawn mowers sputter. Dirt can be present in the apertures that lead from the carburetor and the fuel filter and interrupt the flow of fuel supply to the combustion chamber. After cleaning the air filter, squeeze dry and air dry.

What is a shear pin on a lawn mower?

The shear pin is designed to be a sacrificial part of the blade drive system. The pin will break if the blade contacts a hard object during the mowing process. The blade washer is used to put tension on to the blade and help prevent blade slippage. The washer needs to be replaced every time the blade bolt is removed.

What causes shear pins to break?

If the jam by the rock is too severe and outmatches the force supplied by the gearcase to the rotating auger shaft, the shear bolt breaks, allowing the gearcase and the shaft to continue moving, undamaged.

Do lawn mowers have shear pins?

Most lawn mowers use Briggs and Stratton engines–low-horsepower engines with easily-replaceable parts. Most likely you will have to replace the shear pin.

Where does the power take off on a Shibaura lawn mower?

For the models from the CM series, Shibaura supplied front rotary mowers. For the tractors, assembly takes place at the Shibaura frontlift system and it will be powered by means of the front power take-off.

Who are the manufacturers of Shibaura farm tractors?

Shibaura farm tractors by model Shibaura was founded in 1950 as a joint venture between Toshiba and Ishikawajima Harima Industries (IHI). The company started with the manufacture of engines and garden tractors, and began building compact tractors in 1961. Shibaura built several models of compact tractors for Ford-New Holland.

What kind of engine does the Shibaura sx26 have?

SHIBAURA SUBCOMPACTTRACTOR SX26 ENGINE 3 cylinder, low noise, watercooled Shibaura diesel engine 22.5 kW / 30.0 hp (SAE) 19.4 kW / 26.0 hp DIN, 1131 cc TORQUE67.0 Nm/ 2400 rpm.

How to contact shibaura.com in the Netherlands?

SHIBAURA EUROPE BV Begonialaan 7 Phone 0031 26 326 9999 NL – 6851 TE Huissen Fax 0031 26 326 9990 the Netherlands Mobile 0031 621883620 (Armand Booij) 0031 629544770 (Wendy Franken) Website : www.shibaura.com 0031 621534773 (Patrick Janssen) E-mail : [email protected] 0031 654314001 (Paul Franken)

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