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Why does my AC unit never turn off?

Why does my AC unit never turn off?

If your system seems to never shut off, there may be an issue with your thermostat. It may be that your home has reached the correct temperature, but the thermostat is not registering the conditions in the home. In this case, your A/C unit will continue running.

Why does my AC stay on when I turn it off?

So, if you turn your AC “off” at your thermostat, that command isn’t registering with the fan or cooling system, causing your AC to stay on when you’ve told it to shut off. As with many of the fixes above, if your system is short-circuiting, you’ll want to contact an HVAC tech to fix it.

What should I do if my AC fan wont turn off?

Before calling your service technician out to start replacing components, check the thermostat settings first. Set the desired temperature above the current room temperature so the air conditioner unit turns off (set the thermostat below room temperature in the winter to check your furnace). Fan still blowing after a few minutes?

Is it normal for air conditioner fan to keep running?

This is completely normal. However, if your AC is running continuously and never turning off, this isn’t normal and you likely have a problem with your air conditioner. Reasons your AC fan may be running continuously include: The fan is set to ON instead of AUTO

Can a fan be turned on and off at the same time?

The fan in your AC system can run separately from the cooling component of your AC. These two parts work together to cool your home, but don’t always turn on and off at the same time.

What happens when you turn off the AC fan?

Once the temperature inside the house reaches the desired input that you put into your thermostat, the cool air will stop. And depending on whether your AC fan is on auto or on, the fan will either turn off with the AC or keep running.

What does the fan setting on an air conditioner do?

What does the fan setting on an air conditioner do? The fan setting on an air conditioner gives you the ability to run the fan continuously or to have it go on and off automatically when the AC is cooling. The auto fan mode is generally a little cheaper to run because it doesn’t use the extra power to keep it running all the time.

How do you turn off an air conditioner?

Check the contactor relay switch. This component “tells” the air conditioning fan to shut off once the thermostat reaches a reading equal to the temperature setting. Turn the air conditioning unit’s breaker off at the main electrical panel.

Why does my air conditioner keep running even when I turn it off?

So even if you turn your AC off, the fan will continue to run. This is a fix an experienced technician will need to make. If you suspect you have a stuck or damaged relay switch, we would advise you reach out to your local HVAC company.

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