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Why did I buy a 1989 Camaro RS?

Why did I buy a 1989 Camaro RS?

I had a choice of quite a few Camaros to chose from, but I picked this one for two reasons: the 1989 RS came standard with the 2.8 V6, and thus typifies the false expectations it generates with all of its body kit and scoops. Quite the contrast to 1970 RS we gushed over in our CC here .

What kind of parts do I need for a 1982 Camaro?

We carry an extensive collection of parts for your 1982-92 Gen 3 Camaro including accessories, supplies, manuals, and literature. With a catalog containing over 5,000 items, Rick’s has the Gen 3 parts you need to keep your classic running strong.

What was the HP of a 1985 Chevy Camaro?

By 1985, the Viagra-popping IROC Z had 215 hp, and by the end of this generation in 1992, it was packing all of 245 hp. Still not exactly momentous, but that would come with the next gen F-body. If it wasn’t quite earth-shattering, it certainly was nerve-shattering. My one and only drive in a Camaro of this vintage almost made me puke.

What did the new GM Camaro look like?

Like so many of GM’s products of the eighties, the new Camaro sounded good on paper and looked pretty nifty in glossy prints: completely new styling, a 300 pound weight reduction, a new coil-spring rear suspension, optional rear disc brakes, a glass lift-up rear hatch that was said to be the largest and most complex piece of car glass-work ever.

What was the wheel size on a 1989 Chevy Camaro?

Headlight pockets on RS no longer painted black. ’89 Camaros now came with rear shoulder belts. The Corvette PASS-KEY ignition lock system was adopted for all 1989Chevrolet Camaros.The base 15 inch IROC wheel was restyled to have the appearance of the optional 16 inch wheel.

What was the last year the Camaro Z28 was made?

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 IROC 1LE The 1989 model year signified the return of the RS designation (last used in 1987 on a limited edition California only model). The Rally Sport was now the base model featuring body ground effects mimicking the IROC and the previous Z28 but with the 2.8 V6 fuel-injected motor as standard with the 305 as an option.

What was the name of the 1988 Camaro convertible?

1988 Camaro IROC-Z convertible The Camaro line was greatly simplified this year, starting with discontinuing the slow-selling LT model, and dropping the base Z28. The IROC-Z package proved popular and the package became standard on Z28s. This resulted in two models remaining, the base coupe and the IROC-Z.

What kind of engine did Chevy Camaro have in 1989?

Sport Coupe dropped, replaced by returning RS model. 1989 Chevy Camaro RS now available with LO3 V-8. Headlight pockets on RS no longer painted black. ’89 Camaros now came with rear shoulder belts.

What kind of tires did a 1989 Camaro G92 have?

For 1989, G92 also required the following options: 5.7 TPI motor (B2L) or 5.0 TPI motor (LB9) with 5 speed (MM5) manual. 16 inch wheels (N96) P245/50ZR-16 Goodyear Gatorback tires (QLC) Limited slip differential (G80) Rear disc brakes (J65) Engine oil cooler (KC4)

When did the Camaro 350 L98 engine come out?

In June of 1986, a few tuned port, fuel-injected, 350ci-equipped IROC-Zs were released before the switchover to the 1987 model year production, marking the comeback of the 350. In 1987 the L98 engine became a regular option on the IROC-Z, paired with an automatic transmission only. The Berlinetta was no longer available in 1987.

What kind of exhaust system did Chevy Camaro G92 have?

G92 option included N10 performance exhaust system (dual catalytic converters) which increased power output by 13% on cars so equipped. For 1989, G92 also required the following options:

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