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Who can I use as a reference for the military?

Who can I use as a reference for the military?

A service member at a recent event asked if it is a good idea for transitioning service members to provide references from their military past, and if so, who should they list? The plain and simple answer is that veterans should absolutely list colleagues and superiors from their time in the military as references.

How many references do you need for the military?

Aim to have four to six professional references ready to provide to the employer, so you can rotate them and avoid overusing any one person. Who should you select as a reference?

Why do you need references for the Army?

It is important to have built professional relationships, so that when an employer you are interested in working for contacts your reference, they’ll feel more confident in choosing you as a top candidate. Personal references are geared towards who you are outside of work ethically and morally.

What do you call someone in the armed forces?

Overview. Those who serve in a typical large ground or land force are soldiers, making up an army. Those who serve in seagoing forces are seamen or sailors, and their branch is a navy or coast guard. For naval forces, non-commissioned officers are referred to as petty officers.

Does the Army contact your references?

The short answer is, no. They don’t always, nor are required to contact your references.

What is a CFAT?

Cash flow after taxes (CFAT) is a measure of financial performance that shows a company’s ability to generate cash flow through its operations. It is calculated by adding back non-cash charges such as amortization, depreciation, restructuring costs, and impairment to net income.

Does the military actually call references?

What is a reference army?

When completing application forms, you may be required to provide the details of your previous employer. Disclosures addresses for each service are shown below. The reference will simply be a ‘Confirmation of Service’, with reason for discharge and discipline note if also requested.

What words describe a soldier?


  • dogface,
  • fighter,
  • legionary,
  • legionnaire,
  • man-at-arms,
  • regular,
  • serviceman,
  • trooper,

Do Army recruiters call references?

Recruiters will ask your references to rank how you perform certain skills. They fact-check what you’ve already told them. Recruiters will also ask questions to find out how you act in the office. Remember: it’s usually a good sign if your references are called.

What is character references in military?

A character reference is a recommendation provided by someone who knows you personally and can describe your attributes and traits.

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