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Which Is The Best Way Of Reading? Ebook VS Paper Book

Which Is The Best Way Of Reading? Ebook VS Paper Book

Meta: If you find yourself finishing reading a book but barely remember any ideas inside, you might be reading in the wrong way. Come with us to find out why.

Books play an essential part in human’s life. But as time goes by, we are reading much less than we used to do!

Fortunately, young generations are aware of this vanishing habit and try their best to encourage people to read more.

However, if you are not a master in reading or do not have excellent concentration skills, you might be struggling with how to read your books effectively.

But don’t worry!

We are here to answer your question of how to read properly. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Which Is The Best Way Of Reading?

Many people find it hard to concentrate while they were trying to read something.

Just like when you read chapter four of a book, which leads to a reference in chapter two of the same book, but you can hardly remember anything.

Well, don’t be frustrated.

That is a very common experience, which happens to almost everyone.

There are various reasons that one can not focus, understand, or remember things they have been reading. Some of them will be demonstrated below, so let’s go!

Imagine things

One of the most simple yet effective ways to remember words is to turn them into images.

This trick will work with any kind of novel, especially books in fantasy, science fiction, adventure, or thrilling category.

Think about it:

How can you forget the magnificent world that you draw in your own head from the figurative words of Harry Potter?

You can remember all the suspects and details of the criminal case because you have been thinking of yourself as detective Poirot, haven’t you?

We always subconsciously imagine things while reading our favorite novels. So why don’t we purposely use the same method for books that are harder to read, such as school literature textbooks?

Find A Place

A few people have the ability to read anywhere at any time.

Sadly, most of us can not do that. We will be distracted easily if the surrounding contains way too much noises or movements.

You should look for a quiet place without many people passing by in order to stay focus on your books. Because in a noisy and disturbing place, even if you try to concentrate on the words, you will still always waste certain unworthy attention.

Hey, you can not deny that! The way we pay notice sounds and movements around us are human’s instinct.

Some prefer to use headphones to avoid unexpected noise coming from outside. This is a good idea.

But don’t listen to your favorite songs!

Sounds weird?

Of course not! If you listen to your favorites, that is listening to music, not reading books! Recommended music for concentration is no-lyrics continuous sound, such as raindrops, piano symphonies, and other types of white noise.

Underline important part

In case you still find it hard to remember all the details in the book, then just leave them there! Don’t force yourself learning anything from books because too much pressure will never work.

Instead, you can try to underline the important parts of the book, also the lines that you find impressive or always forget.

This method is extremely useful for technical and difficult books that sometimes we struggle to understand.

But if the book is borrowed?

Of course, the library will not allow you to mess with their books, so you have to find a new way to memorize the story.

Sticky marks, small hand notes to jot down important ideas, etc., you can come up with any alternative as long as it works for you.

Ebook Or Paper Book?

From the dawn of electronic books in the 1970s until today, there has been a constant fight over which is better: ebooks or paper books?

Come with us now to see the answer:


The very first feature that helps ebooks become popular is its reusable ability.

What does this mean?

While traditional books are usable for only one user, ebooks can be sent from this person to others as long as they have a personal ebook reader.

This means that there is no paper being used for printing books, so no more trees are chopped to make papers. How environment-friendly they are!

These digital copies will last forever in somebody’s drive, probably until the day human civilization disappears!

But the best thing?

Ebooks are indeed portable! These books that stock in your house now definitely uses a certain living area. Not even tell the students’ textbooks are filling up children’s backpack, heavy enough to cause potential back issues.

There are numerous copies of free ebooks online for you to download without getting a hardcover home to take over your house.

Hocdot.com is a prestige site for students to seek their school lessons and textbook without bringing heavy books to class. There are also practice tests included, which offer easy study and review for both students and teachers!

Paper Book

But some people prefer the feel of paper in their hands. From the smell of sheets and ink, good-looking binding to the rustling sound of pages flipping.

We can not deny the beauty of traditional printed books.

But all of the advantages of paper books are now inbuilt features of electronic books!

However, there are still some significant superiorities of printed books that ebooks can never have. Such as reading on papers is better for our eyes than on an electric screen, or our brain works more efficiently when we read words from paper than when they are the micro lightings.

Wrapped Up

So, what can you deduce from all the reading tips we have demonstrated above?

Keep in mind that only knowing these tips is not enough; you have to apply them every day in order to build a good reading habit. We hope that you will have the best experience with your ebooks or paper books after reading this article.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. See ya later!

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