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Which is Chevy Tahoe HVAC blower motor by UAC?

Which is Chevy Tahoe HVAC blower motor by UAC?

Chevy Tahoe 1998, HVAC Blower Motor by UAC®. UAC’s line of electrical components includes the blower motors that are necessary for the proper function of an A/C System. They are produced at top tier facilities with strong quality… Chevy Tahoe 1998, Genuine GM Parts™ A/C Compressor with Clutch by ACDelco®. Grooved. With O-Rings.

When does my AC blower motor come on?

When it does come on, usually after about 20 minutes of drive time, it blows great. At times it will come on as soon as I crank engine, at times it will not come on at all.

Can a rear air conditioning block be repaired?

We have the solution! Repairing rear air conditioning lines on vehicles can get very costly. Why not block off the rear air conditioning completely with one of our custom designed rear AC block kits. These AC block kits are specially designed to disable the rear AC on the vehicle and leave the front air conditioning completely functional.

How to troubleshoot the air conditioning in a Chevy?

Check the control cables that circulate the air next. The control panel needs to be removed first. Find the cable that extends from the heating and air conditioning unit. It is small and black. Inspect it along with its connections to make sure there are no leaks.

What to do if your rear AC is not blowing?

What you can do is get a short finder so you dont have to keep replacing 30A fuses, but unplug the relay in the back for the blower motor & see if the short is before the rear HVac or inside the rear HVAC. If it doesnt blow then insert the relay & unplug the blower itself & see if it is the problem.

Why does my Chevy Tahoe rear AC not blow?

So, my rear AC does not blow at all on my 99 Tahoe LS. I’ve replaced the fuse with no luck. I turn the switches and nothing happens. The front works fine. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Where are the relays for the rear blower?

For the rear blower those relays are in the rear housing. You may be hearing the compressor cycling or another unrelated module at work. OK. Nearly three years later, I finally got around to this. I opened up the rear panel and took out the motor only to find the basket completely covered in thick black hair.

What is the vent hole on a C blower motor?

Remove A/C compressor, install A/C bypass pulley and original size belt and then you are back on the road. “C” Blower motor has 11/16″ vent hole. “C” Blower motor has 11/16″ vent hole. “C” Blower motor has 11/16″ vent hole.

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