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Where was the flooding from Tropical Storm Allison?

Where was the flooding from Tropical Storm Allison?

The Southwest Freeway, near Downtown Houston, lies under water due to flooding from Tropical Storm Allison. The nearest bridge is 16.5 feet above the freeway surface.

What was the rainfall in Houston in 2001?

The six-day rainfall in Houston amounted to 38.6 inches (980 mm). Houston Hobby Airport received 20.84 inches of rain from June 5 to 10, 2001, while Bush Intercontinental Airport received 16.48 inches. Two-thirds of the bayous and creeks in Harris County experienced 500-year flood events.

How is urban flooding related to flash flooding?

Although this is sometimes caused by events such as flash flooding (Tucci, 2001). Urban flooding is a condition characterized by its repetitive and systemic impacts on communities whether or not the affected communities are located within floodplains or near any body of water (CNT, 2013).

What causes poor drainage system and floods control?

Also, inadequate integration between road and urban storm water drainage can be attributed to natural causes such as intense rainfall, flat topography and poor soil infiltration or man-made causes such as improperly laid and graded street, poor and inefficient drainage facilities that aggravate the flooding problem (Jimoh, 2008).

Where did the Great Bend flood of 1981 occur?

Torrential precipitation, as much as 20 inches in 12 hours, resulted in unprecedented flooding on Dry Walnut Creek in southwestern Barton County, central Kansas. Runoff from the storm caused extensive flooding in the town of Great Bend on June 15, 1981. Estimates of total damages exceeded $42 million.

Where did the Arkansas River flood in 1908 occur?

Historic information indicates that the October 1908 flood was the largest along the main stem of the upper Arkansas River in Kansas since the turn of the century. The flood resulted from excessive rains between Holly and Las Animas, Colorado, and northward over the Big Sandy Creek drainage basin in southwestern Colorado .

How big was the flood in Wichita Kansas in 1960?

Wichita and Arkansas City were severely damaged. In Wichita, 6 square miles were inundated. At Arkansas City, two lives were lost, and property damage was estimated in the millions (Kansas Water Resources Board, 1960). Flood stages on the Ninnescah were the highest known (table 1).

Is there a lot of runoff in the Arkansas River?

The Arkansas River Basin as a whole has a relatively low potential for runoff as soil permeability is generally high and precipitation is generally low (Juracek, 1999).

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