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Where does the BritRail pass work?

Where does the BritRail pass work?

Pass Description: Purchasing a BritRail Pass gives you the ability to travel across the entire National Rail network of Great Britain. Valid for travel in England, Wales and Scotland with Flexible and Consecutive durations you can hop on all mainline trains to visit some of the most scenic places Britain has to offer.

What trains are covered by BritRail pass?

The BritRail Pass (First Class and Standard Class) allows travel on all scheduled trains of Participating Operators in Great Britain (or temporary replacement road services). BritRail Passes are valid on Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express and Stansted Express.

Does BritRail pass include tube?

Is the London Underground covered? BritRail Passes are not valid on London Transport Underground trains or buses. To travel on the tube you will need an Oyster or Travelcard.

How much does a BritRail pass cost?


Flexible Standard Class First Class
3 days within 1 month 126.00 USD 187.00 USD
4 days within 1 month 158.00 USD 229.00 USD
8 days within 1 month 226.00 USD 337.00 USD
15 days within 2 months 340.00 USD 503.00 USD

Why are sleeper trains so expensive?

Meanwhile, hefty prices for sleeping car rooms are extending into summer to meet demand, already strong on many routes. Heavy demand for private rooms on many routes has prompted Amtrak to charge the highest fares that passengers will pay.

Who owns Caledonian Sleeper?

Caledonian Sleeper

Stations called at 46
Parent company Serco
Website www.sleeper.scot
hide Route map

How much do BritRail passes cost?

Can you travel around Ireland by train?

Train travel in Ireland isn’t very extensive and it actually one of the most expensive ways to get around the country. Ireland’s rail network is limited and only connects a few major cities. Sometimes, routes may require you to backtrack or they may not exist at all.

Can you travel from Britain to the USA by train?

It takes approximately 5h 39m to get from London to America, including transfers. The best way to get from London to America is to train via Eindhoven which takes 5h 39m and costs £130 – £360.

Where do you go on BritRail plus pass?

Hover over each BritRail travel zone to see where it covers. BritRail London Plus Pass – travel in the South East of England and out as far as Stratford Upon Avon, Bristol, Bath and Cambridge (gray zone) BritRail Spirit of Scotland – travel around all Scotland including many ferry routes out to the islands (green, purple and pink zones)

Where do you go on BritRail in Scotland?

BritRail Central Scotland Pass – travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh via some historical towns such as Striling, Linlithgow and Dunblane (purple zone) BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass – travel around the Scottish Highlands by rail and also some ferry routes (pink zone)

How old do you have to be to get free BritRail Pass?

One child (ages 5-15) travels free when accompanying an adult or senior BritRail Pass holder. Additional kids get up to 50% off the regular adult. Children under 5 travel free and do not need a ticket.

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