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Where do I fish Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza?

Where do I fish Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza?

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Where do I turn in speckled Tastyfish?

Booty Bay
Comment by 45703. Even after the contest is over (just watch the 4 hour duration on the fish) you can turn in these in batches of five to a NPC in Booty Bay. They yield 23s / batch giving them a “sell price” of 4s60c each.

Is the Stranglethorn fishing Extravaganza in classic?

The WoW Classic Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza takes place every Sunday, allowing players to catch Speckled Tastyfish and turn them in for prizes like Arcanite Fishing Pole, the best fishing pole in the game.

Where is stranglethorn?

Stranglethorn Vale is south of Duskwood , to get through on the right of the ogre mound in Duskwood and walk down the path on the right. Or , from Westfall , you can swim through the land on the west of the map and will end up in STV also.

How do you make a lucky fishing cap?

Lucky Fishing Hat is a quest reward from the horde and alliance quest Rare Fish – Keefer’s Angelfish, which starts at the Fishbot 5000 in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. To complete the quest, you must turn the following item to the Fishbot 5000: 1 Keefer’s Angelfish.

How do you make a lucky Fishing cap?

What is master angler?

Angler Awards Go fishing with a Mepps lure and catch a fish that meets the minimum size requirements listed below. After you’ve caught four DIFFERENT qualifying species of fish – – a grand slam – – you’ll become a Mepps Master Angler, one of the highest honors in our sport.

How do I get to Stranglethorn Vale?

When is the fishing extravaganza in Stranglethorn Vale?

The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza is a weekly fishing event held in Stranglethorn Vale. There is a highly competitive fishing contest and a more casual rare fish turn-in for this event. Currently, this event is held every Sunday from 2pm-4pm (server time).

How much skill do you need to fish in Stranglethorn Vale?

at least 150 skill level in Fishing (minimum level requirement to fish in STV waters; 225 is better to avoid fish getting away) You also need to be standing on coastal or inland waters in Stranglethorn Vale when the tournament begins. There are no Pools of Tastyfish in Booty Bay itself.

Where do you go to cast lines in Stranglethorn?

Early in the day, a friendly neighborhood dwarf / goblin will visit Ironforge and Orgrimmar respectively to inform aspiring anglers of the grand tournament and give instructions. At the appropriate time, the shout will ring out across Stranglethorn to bait your hooks and cast your lines!

Where to find speckled tastyfish in Stranglethorn Vale?

Speckled Tastyfish can be found in any pool that spawns along the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, except in Booty Bay itself, and only during the two hours of the event. A School of fish looks like churning circles of fish in a single spot in the water. When the event starts, travel up and down the coast looking for a pools of fish.

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