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When does the 4 wheel drive light come on?

When does the 4 wheel drive light come on?

Won’t light up 4×4 selecter. 4wd service light comes on, and goes off after turning of engine and restarting. I bought a 2006 Silverado that has a service 4 wheel drive light that comes on when driving for a short time. I notice that a visitor posted that he bought the switch to resolve the problem for 35.00 online and replaced it himself.

Why is my 4WD light not working on my Chevy Silverado?

4wd will not switch. 4wd service light on. electronic pushbutton panel for 4WD intermittently stops working and cannot get vehicle into 2WD or 4WD; lights go completely out the four wheel drive indicator switch switches almost everytime I start the truck. when I try to switch it using the buttons nothing happens.

Is the lights on on my service 4WD?

As I drove home, the lights would go on and off intermittently. If the lights were on, I would not have the Service 4WD message, but when they go out, then I have the message. Currently, the lights have remained out and a Service 4WD message remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why are my 4 wheel drive lights not flashing?

Learn More no lights at the selector switch, service four wheel drive message, changed selector switch,encoder,fuses check wiring harnesses replaced front actuator still no luck, the selector switches lights do flash when the key is turned to start the truck 4wd will not switch. 4wd service light on.

Is the service 4 wheel drive light on?

Service 4 wheel drive light is on. Occassionally can get it to go in, but then can’t get it back to 2 wheel. Turn off, restart in neutral can then get back into 4 x 4. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered.

Are there any lights on my Silverado 4WD?

So I switched into 4×4 and then the light on the switch died.. Drove for a few minutes, then came to a red light and it lurched, clunked, and went back into 2wd all by itself. Last time I read codes there was nothing, but I’ll try agian today.

Why are there no lights on my 4WD?

In a nutshell, for about a year I get “Service 4WD” message but goes away after restarting the car. Last week the message does not go away after restarting the car so I pull out the selector switch and resolder the joints then plug it back in to find that the “Service 4WD” message is gone but there are no lights at all.

Is there a service 4WD on my Silverado?

I have a 2004 Chevy silverado the service 4WD comes I have a 2004 chevy… I have a 2004 chevy silverado.. the service 4WD comes on in the service center on dash. None of the lights are on in the 4wd selector switch. Will not ingage 4wd either. I have taken to a mechanic and he is puzzled also.

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