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When did the transfer case in my truck get rebuilt?

When did the transfer case in my truck get rebuilt?

I’m pretty sure the transfer case in my truck was rebuilt some time before I bought it, since the front half of the case has a cast-in date of 2000, and the rear half has a date of 2003. My truck currently has 204k miles. It is not too bad taking these transfer cases apart; you mainly just need some good snap ring pliers.

What was the rebuild of the Duramax T case?

It was a crap rebuild. Last edited by Sound_Man; January 26th, 2011 at 09:35 AM . I thought I was having major problems with my 01 duramax’s t-case last weekend when I went to pass on the highway. The transmission downshifted to 4th, then it felt like it went into neutral, so I let off and it banged back into gear (5th).

What causes a 263 XHD T case to be destroyed?

I found out on Friday that if your transmission mount goes bad it will destroy the t-case. It seems the weakest link in the drive train on these trucks is that fawking magnesium housing on the t-case. Any bit of misalignment will cause the rear output bearing to destroy the tail housing. Anyone have a 263 XHD t-case laying around?

What kind of tractor is the case 400?

While an entire series of tractors was referred to as Case 400, the actual Case model 400 tractor was the standard-tread diesel version. The tractors in the 400 series are identified by a two-digit code (4xx).

What kind of case is j i case 400?

1958 J.I. Case 400 SN 6100362 – Case-O-Matic Drive – Runs and Drives Very Well – Shifts Great – Factory Case Hyd Loader with Manure Bucket – New Head Gasket, Valve Cover Gasket and New Alternator – Starter is All Rebuilt – New Oil, Filter and Antifreeze – Eagle Hitch with Original Top Link – Nee…

What was the problem with the TH400 transmission?

The TH400 transmission originally in my Blazer had been a problem for quite a while. It started with a torn-apart torque converter, but there were other issues, as well. The final blow came when the rear of the transmission case snapped. There was no question that a completely new TH400 was in order.

How much does a gearstar TH400 build cost?

I found Gearstar online (www.gearstar.net) and clicked the “TH400” link. There were three levels of TH400 builds: Level 2 ($1,395) will hold up to 450 hp; Level 3 ($2,195) up to 550 hp; and the Level 4 ($4,395) package will handle up to 850 hp.

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