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What to do if your Camaro radio goes black?

What to do if your Camaro radio goes black?

Ask your Chevrolet dealer. No one has added a helpful site for this 2013 Camaro problem yet. Be the first! Read reviews of repair shops in your area. Enter your zip code: I use onstar for directions. I cannot get it without the use of the radio.

Where can I get a new radio for my Camaro?

White’s Chevrolet in my town offered to sell me a new radio for 6 or 7 hundred dollars. I need to know of a dealership in NC or VA who is familiar with this problem and can actually fix it.

What to do when your Camaro screen goes blank?

Our 2013 Camaro’s screen went blank. After checking for a solution online, this is what WORKED for us. I went into the trunk and disconnected the battery (I chose the positive/red cable) for at least a minute or so. Apparently this will reset the computer.

What does it mean when your radio screen goes blank?

When I go to turn on the car the radio will play but the screen is blank and I can not see to change channels or anything.. Computer screen went blank and asked about it at my oil change at Hare Chevrolet in Noblesville. They said they would charge approx. $75-100 to diagnose the issue. I passed for the sake of time.

Why does my Camaro radio keep cutting off?

YOU CANT HAHAHAHA” My base level radio just began to suffer a similar fault (27,000 miles). As soon is the engine is started the all lights and screen on the radio/ac faceplate (controller) wig out along with the audio and the ac compressor cycles on and off with about the same freqency as everything else.

What kind of radio does a 2015 Camaro LS use?

I bought this and used professional installation to replace a standard radio/CD player in a 2015 Camaro LS. I replaced the radio with a Pioneer AVH-521EX. My car did not have a backup camera before but I also got that added. The only issue, which I don’t care at all about, is that the steering wheel controls don’t work any more.

Do you need satellite radio for a Camaro?

Compatibility Notes : Works in all 2010-2015 Camaros, with or without MyLink factory radio . Does not retain factory satellite radio . PAC-UP required to configure vehicle settings.

How big is the touch screen on a Camaro?

The kit comes with everything you need to replace the dash, all you need is a touch screen stereo unit and you’re good to go! I installed a 6.2 inch double din touch screen and that was a tight fit, so I wouldn’t recommend going with anything too much bigger.

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