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What makes a GM Certified Technician so good?

What makes a GM Certified Technician so good?

However, one stands out far above the rest, and that’s the unmatched knowledge that a GM Certified Technician has acquired . This knowledge, especially when dealing with an uncommon issue or something that other technicians can’t figure out, gives them a great advantage over other technicians.

What do you need to be a GM master technician?

To be a GM Master Technician, not only does a technician need to go through exclusive GM training, but they have to pass a series of required tests and courses, as well. The tests completed determine which training level they’ve reached as a GM Certified Technician.

How many GM Certified Technicians does progressive Chevrolet have?

In total, Progressive Chevrolet has eight GM Certified Technicians, seven of which have reached the Silver Level, five of those have reached the Gold Level. Furthermore, four of Progressive Chevrolet’s technicians have reached both the GM Master Technician status and the ASE Master Technician status.

What are the dealer Infrastructure guidelines for GM?

GM has adopted these infrastructure guidelines for the dealership’s internal network environment in accordance with Article 5.6 of the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement. These guidelines are designed to help ensure a seamless and reliable conduit for GM to dealer data communications.

What do you need to know about GM service know how emerging issues?

The monthly GM Service Know-How Emerging Issues seminars provide service/technical information on current issues and GM certified repairs. The latest service topics from GM Brand Quality and Engineering covered in […]

What does Techline connect ( TLC ) do for GM?

Techline Connect (TLC) is GM’s latest tool to bring diagnostic information and vehicle data to technicians in one easy-to-use application. With all the information that is available through TLC, the […]

Who are the field service engineers at GM?

The GM Field Service Engineer (FSE) Technician Recognition Awards (U.S.) celebrate the skill and dedication of dealership technicians who have recently worked with FSE’s on challenging repairs. Technicians at GM […]

Where can I send a letter to General Motors?

All written correspondence can be sent to the following address: General Motors Company P.O. BOX 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170

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