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What kind of SUV is most likely to be stolen?

What kind of SUV is most likely to be stolen?

The American manufacturer has made many brilliant SUVs for decades and thieves have noticed. A Cherokee is comfortable and can handle most terrains; hence why many drivers opt for that SUV. If you own a 2000 model, thieves are most likely to target your vehicle.

How much does a used Chevy S-10 cost?

Monthly Estimate based on a 4.4% rate for 60 months, $2,000 vehicle price, $0 down payment, $0 trade-in, $0 sales tax. Very laid back atmosphere. Staff was amazing. Absolutely felt no pressure from them at all to buy. Saleman Banning was excellent.

How does an anti theft radio work on a Chevy?

General Motors vehicles, including Chevy, contain anti-theft Delco Theftlock radios that can only be used by entering the correct security code. This security code keeps someone from using the radio in another vehicle if the unique security code is not entered. The radio display will read “LOC” and the device will not turn on.

Why are old cars more likely to be stolen?

Thieves used to target only old models due to the car’s scant security features, but with the advent of technology, criminals are also targeting the new models. While any car is prone to theft, certain models are more likely to be targeted than other vehicles.

How are thieves stealing the Chevrolet Silverado so quickly?

According to Police One, “thieves have caught up” and can use easily-found electronic hacking tools at their disposal, requiring “less ‘talent’” than you’d think. And though Chevrolet and OnStar have given no indication of understanding how this is happening, thieves are beginning to hack Silverado models at an alarming rate.

Is the Chevy Silverado the most stolen car in America?

This makes the Silverado one of the most frequently stolen vehicles in America. Even the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) latest annual report, which highlights certain car-theft statistics, found that out of the 750,000 vehicles stolen in 2018, 31,566 of those were Chevy Silverado pickups.

Why are so many GMC pickups being stolen?

The reason why so many GMC trucks are being stolen (specifically the ’14-’18 models) is a flawed (simple) ECM as well as the hood having the ability to be opened from the outside of the truck. Thieves pop the hood open (going under the engine bay). Then they disconnect the stock ECM.

What kind of truck is most likely to be stolen?

Pickup trucks sold by General Motors are among the most likely of any models to be stolen, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute, an insurance industry trade group. The institute compiled a list of the 20 models with the highest theft rates. GM trucks accounted for a quarter of the list.

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