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What kind of steering wheel does a 1976 Corvette have?

What kind of steering wheel does a 1976 Corvette have?

1976 Corvette owners either love or hate what’s commonly referred to as the “Vega” steering wheel. It’s an unfair moniker, really, since 1971-1981 Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, as well as many other Chevrolet models of the era—including the Chevy Vega—used the same steering wheel at some point or another.

How to change the steering wheel on a Chevy Vega?

Here’s my steering column sporting the Chevy Vega wheel. Start by removing the horn button. It will snap out of the retainer, but you may need to exert quite a bit of pressure for it to release. Next, remove the upper horn contact and shims.

What are the parts in a GM tilt steering column?

Here are all of the parts in a GM tilt column, excluding the steering wheel: Inside the GM Tilt Steering Column Page 4 We start assembly with the core part, the column jacket assembly: This is the lower bearing with dust shield and ( 2 ) 8-32 x 1″ self-tapping deformed-thread screws: Inside the GM Tilt Steering Column Page 5

Is there a way to remove the steering wheel?

DO NOT attempt to remove the steering wheel by pulling on it like a crazy person. You will damage the steering column and you will not succeed. Buy a universal steering wheel puller and do the job safely and properly. With the steering wheel hub puller in place, a few turns of the center bolt will release the steering wheel and that’s it.

The 1976 column is very similar to the 77-82 column, both the standard and the T (tilt and telescopic) columns. You can adapt the 77-82 leather wrapped wheel in place of the “Vega” steering wheel. You will have to locate some of the attaching hardware for the steering wheel and the telescoping feature since the 76 wheel was unique to that year.

How do you reassemble a corvette steering wheel?

05: The screw securing the center star screw can be removed. Then remove the center star, telescopic lock and spacer. 06: Mark the position of the steering wheel and collar. You do this so that you can reassemble the wheel back into its present position.

What to do when your steering wheel wont turn?

If the ignition cylinder has seized, spraying a small amount of electrical cleaner into the key hole may lubricate it enough to turn. Be careful not to spray too much into the key hole. A few short squirts should suffice. Once done, insert the key and turn it back and forth gently to work the lubricant in.

Why is my steering wheel not unlocking the ignition?

Ignition tumblers experience a lot of mechanical movement and force over time which can cause them to fail, preventing the steering wheel from unlocking. If you find yourself with a steering wheel that won’t unlock, attempt to unlock it using the ignition before contacting a mechanic or replacing the ignition cylinder.

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