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What is the steering angle sensor for?

What is the steering angle sensor for?

A Critical Safety Component The Steering Angle Sensor is an important part of a vehicle’s safety system. It transmits the steering wheel’s rate of turn, wheel angle, and other important data to the specific vehicle’s computer. If there is a fault in the signal, the computer can disable the vehicle’s stability control.

Where is the steering angle sensor on a car?

The steering angle sensor is located within the steering column in a sensor cluster. There are multiple steering sensors to confirm the data and ensure that the calculations are correct before your car turns. Your car’s computer system needs to receive two signals in order to confirm the steering wheel position.

Why is my steering wheel postion sensor not working?

It’s very common for many mechanic shops to forget to reset or realign the steering angle sensor after they’ve completed their service. This can cause the symptoms above to occur, such as lighting the Traction Control Light, Check Engine Light, or impacting the drivability of the vehicle.

Is there a torque sensor on the steering wheel?

If you have electric power steering in your car, you might have a steering torque sensor. This sensor detects how much for a driver is putting on the steering wheel when they are turning. This sensor will twist slightly as your steering wheel shaft is being turned.

When to reset or recalibrate steering angle sensor?

The Steering Angle Sensor need to be reset or recalibrated after an alignment is per formed or parts in the steering system are replace.For example:steering wheel,airbag spring contact,steering column,etc… How to reset or recalibrate Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)?

What is the purpose of a steering position sensor?

The Purpose of the Steering Position Sensor. The steering position sensor is an important part of the StabiliTrack Electronic Stability Assist system, which is a sophisticated GM-designed system to improve vehicle stability and steering feel. The system includes a ‘steering wheel position sensor,’ which has one important function:

Where is the steering wheel sensor located?

The steering angle sensor is mounted on the steering shaft and is located at either the bottom of the steering column or behind the airbag in the steering wheel.

How does a steering wheel sensor work?

The steering wheel sensor works by counting the revolutions that the steering wheel is making and how fast and compares those numbers to a set of standards which then sends the inputs to a computer. When there is a change to those standards, the control will make adjustments and corrections to stabilize the vehicle.

What is a steering angle sensor?

The steering angle sensor is a component that makes up the electronic stability program (ESP). Each manufacturer has their own proprietary name for this advanced safety system, with some of the popular ones being: AdvanceTrac w/Roll Stability Control (RSC), Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC), and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

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