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What is the antonym for degenerative?

What is the antonym for degenerative?

What is the opposite of degenerative?

improving progressive
remodelingUS correcting
repairing bettering
elaborating forwards

What’s another word for degenerative?

What is another word for degenerative?

backward deteriorating
progressive regressive
retrogressive wasting
worsening declinatory
depressive dwindling

What is an antonym for impetus?

Opposite of something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly. counterincentive. disincentive.

Which word means the opposite of stray?

stray. Antonyms: adhere, abide, stick. Synonyms: wander, deviate, digress, ramble, go astray, err, depart, rove.

What is degeneration in pathology?

Pathology. a process by which a tissue deteriorates, loses functional activity, and may become converted into or replaced by other kinds of tissue. the condition produced by such a process.

What is the synonym of progressive?

liberal, reforming, reformist, modern, advanced, forward-looking, forward-thinking, go-ahead, enlightened, enterprising, innovative, new, dynamic, avant-garde, modernistic, disruptive. radical, left-wing, revolutionary, revisionist, progressivist, freethinking. politically correct, PC.

Is degenerate a bad word?

If something degenerates, it gets worse, like a food fight that degenerates to an all-out spaghetti-throwing war. Degenerate can also describe an immoral person — or the behavior of such a person. Whether used as a verb, noun, or adjective, degenerate carries a sense of making worse or declining to a lower state.

What is the meaning impulsion?

the act of impelling, driving onward, or pushing. the resulting state or effect; impulse; impetus. the inciting influence of some feeling or motive; mental impulse. a constraining or inciting action exerted on the mind or conduct: divine impulsion.

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