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What is MTNL broadband speed?

What is MTNL broadband speed?

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MTNL (Delhi) FTTH Unlimited Broadband Plans :
Particulars FTTH-590 FTTH-1290
Download Speed 2 Mbps upto 5GB download, 512 Kbps afterward 10 Mbps upto 40GB download,512 Kbps afterward
Upload Speed 512 Kbps 1Mbps upto 40GB download512 Kbps afterward
Annual Payment (optional) Rs.5900 Rs.12990

How can I check my MTNL broadband speed?

MTNL Broadband Speed Test Service

  1. Choose best server near you from server list, as results may vary from server to server.
  2. Press start button.
  3. Your internet download and upload speed will be tested and results will be displayed.

How can I configure my MTNL ADSL router?

  1. Regarding e-Office MTNL Modem Configuration Setting Step by Step: ➢ Open Internet Explore / Gogol chrome :
  2. ➢ : Open window than type User : admin and Default password : admin than OK.
  3. ➢ Type Username xxxxxx and Password: xxxxxx Provide by NIC regarding e-Office: than SAVE.
  4. ➢ Step 7:

What is MTNL VDSL?

Public sector MTNL offers VDSL to customers with a high speed of 20 Mbps (2.5 Mb will be down-loaded within one second) for the first time in the country. Presently, VDSL facility is available at limited locations in the city.

What is MTNL Triband?

“When it comes to High Speed Unlimited Broadband (Also called Triband) plans by MTNL Mumbai, Wide range of Postpaid & Prepaid plan vouchers are available for new and existing customers. With that MTNL has introduced some brand new plans in 2019 with available top-ups.

What is MTNL broadband?

Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited (MTNL) has announced a new broadband plan exclusively for their Delhi-based customers, called the ULD-333 combo plan. The plan also offers unlimited calling on the MTNL network, 100 free calls on any other network, and 100 GB high-speed data benefits.

How can I check my MTNL Internet plan?

As a new web page opens up find links like : Home, My info, Email Account, Usage information, Customer Care etc. Click on Usage Information. View your usage limit, unbilled usage, total free and other important details. Also you will be shown the duration for which this data is presented.

How can I open MTNL router?

Open Website from your own broadband connection to login into your ADSL Router/Modem(CPE). Logon using user name as admin and Password also as admin. Click on WAN tab, which appears at left side of the window.

How can I reset my MTNL WIFI router?

Step 1:- Hard Reset the modem: Power supply must be on, Press the reset button (which is available on right hand rare side of Modem.) & hold till the all lamps will glow. After Resetting the modem you will get Internet.

What is FTTH in MTNL?

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) has introduced 1Gbps broadband services in Delhi circle. Just like Airtel Fiber and Reliance Jio Fiber, MTNL’s is Fiber to the home (FTTH). Let’s take a closer look at MTNL’s 1Gbps broadband plans. FTH-2990. MTNL’s base 1Gbps plan is available for ₹2,990 per month.

What is MTNL nishtha plan?

MTNL customers having a faulty landine connection for more than 15 days can opt for Nishtha-1 Plan or Nishtha-2 Plan as an accessory to their existing plan with no need to surrender their existing landline. MTNL will take the charges in advance and it will be non-refundable.

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