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What is Eibresp in CICS?

What is Eibresp in CICS?

EIBRESP contains a number corresponding to the RESP condition that occurred. These numbers are listed below (in decimal) for the conditions that can occur during execution of the commands described in this manual. No.

What is Eibtrnid?

You might also use EIBRCODE to get the CICS response code, or EIBFN to determine the last CICS command that was executed. EIBTRNID is often used for purposes other than debugging, too. It contains the trans-id that started the current task, so one of its common uses is to determine how a program was started.

What is Eibresp 16?

An EIBRESP of 16 represents an “Invalid Request” (DFHRESP(INVREQ)). successful, for example because it timed out.

What does EXEC CICS return do?

RETURN returns control from an application program either to an application program at the next higher logical level, or to CICS®. The COMMAREA, IMMEDIATE, and CHANNEL options can be used only when the RETURN command is returning control to CICS; otherwise, the INVREQ condition occurs.

What is pseudo conversation in CICS?

Pseudo-conversational transactions are used in CICS® application programs that consist, internally, of multiple tasks that are designed to appear to the operator as a continuous conversation. The program issues an EXEC CICS RETURN request with the TRANSID option.

What is Asra Abend in CICS?

ASRA abends CICS issues an ASRA abend code when it detects that a program check has occurred in a transaction. The PSW gives you the address at which the program check occurred, and so it represents a record of the circumstances of the failure.

What is the difference between link and XCTL in CICS?

Link is used to go from one module to another and then return to the first module such that the link to a module is used to provide the first some data. Whereas XCTL is used to go from one module without a need to return to the first module.

What is Commarea in Cobol?

The COMMAREA specifies the name of a data area (known as a communication area ) in which data is passed to a program or transaction. In this COBOL program, if a program passes a COMMAREA as part of a LINK, XCTL, or RETURN command, either the working-storage or the LINKAGE SECTION can contain the data area.

What is Transid in CICS?

TRANSID(name) specifies the transaction identifier (1–4 characters) to be used with the next input message entered from the terminal with which the task that issued the RETURN command has been associated. The specified name must have been defined as a transaction to CICS.

How do I fix my Asra Abend in CICS?

If you want to solve this issue of ASRA ABEND in CICS then you need to find the actual location of its occurrence. For identifying the location you can use debugging tools such as cedf or xpeditor. So, after knowing the problem area you can easily find the cause of ASRA ABEND and it becomes easy to solve it.

How do I resolve my CICS Abend?

How to resolve ‘CICS’ production abends in Mainframe

  1. Locate the correct dump in the dump listing.
  2. Note the abend code in the dump heading.
  3. For ASRA abends, determine the type of program check by looking at the last hex character of the third full word in the PSW.

What is difference between Link and XCTL?

When do you use eibresp and eibrcode?

Note: For commands where EIBRESP and EIBRESP2 are used for interrogating the resulting condition of an executed command, byte 3 of EIBRCODE has the same value as EIBRESP. Any further information is in EIBRESP2 rather than EIBRCODE.

What do the zeros in eibresp2 mean?

Any further information is in EIBRESP2 rather than EIBRCODE. For a normal response, this field contains hexadecimal zeros (6 X’00’ ). Almost all of the information in this field can be used within application programs by the HANDLE CONDITION command.

What does eibrecv mean on Terminal Control Command?

Indicates, on a terminal control RECEIVE command, whether the data is complete ( X’FF’ ). If the NOTRUNCATE option has been used on the RECEIVE command, CICS® retains data in excess of the amount requested via the LENGTH or MAXLENGTH option. EIBRECV is set indicating that further RECEIVE commands are required.

When to set eibrecv and eibcompl in COBOL?

EIBRECV is set indicating that further RECEIVE commands are required. EIBCOMPL is not set until the last of the data has been retrieved. EIBCOMPL is always set when a RECEIVE command without the NOTRUNCATE option is executed. COBOL: PIC X (1).

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