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What is a transmission cooler bypass valve?

What is a transmission cooler bypass valve?

The thermal bypass valve is used in transmission cooling & heating systems. It regulates oil flow and flow direction in order to self-control the operating temperature of the transmission. In hot weather the valve allows oil to flow to the vehicle auxiliary oil cooler for maximum cooling performance.

What is transmission bypass?

The thermal bypass is a small added valve that goes in the transmission line. When the transmission is cold, the thermal bypass will “bypass” the cooler so it can bring the transmission up to operating temperature more quickly.

Is the transmission cooler a good idea or unnecessary?

Generally the worse the condition, the darker the fluid. This has got to be the cheapest insurance you can give your transmission. Here in central Texas the temps run well into the triple digits on the freeways while you creep along. A good cooler can be had for less than fifty bucks and are very easy to install.

Where does the fluid go in a transmission cooler?

Click to expand… Yes its a transmission cooler, it cools your transmission fluid. The fluid goes into the rubber line then into the bottom of the radiator, through a tube, it gets cooled, then out the top and back into another line back to the transmission.

Is the transmission check valve hot or cold?

Also I checked the heat on the lines, The bottom line going into the rad with the check valve was hot like it should be, the rubber line coming out the top of the rad was hot, but where that rubber line meets the hard line going to the factory trans cooler was not hot. Both of the factory trans cooler lines were cold, not hot at all!

Can a Trans filter be used on a check valve?

Get it on a scanner with trans capabilities and have the pressures checked with a gauge. You might want to do a pan drop to look for debris. When you’re good to go,replace the dumb check valve with a remote trans filter. Summit’s generic is about $40 and will be a benefit, not a deficit like the check valve.

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