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What is a tensioner used for on a timing belt?

What is a tensioner used for on a timing belt?

The timing belt tensioner is used to do just that – keep tension on the timing belt. The timing belt is a rubber belt that runs over and through a series of pulleys and gears. As the belt stretches it can become loose, so the tensioner needs to adjust the belt as needed to keep it tight.

What is a timing chain tensioner?

WHAT IS THE TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER? The timing chain tensioner is located under the timing chain cover on the front of the engine. The timing chain connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, and the tensioner is used to keep the appropriate amount of tension on the chain.

Is it bad to replace timing belt tensioner?

Replacing a timing belt is one of those things that scares most car owners because it is an in-depth job and usually quite expensive when done at a shop. More often than not, it is actually the tensioner that goes bad, not always the belt (unless it is really old).

What does the pulley on the timing belt do?

The snakelike timing belt on the side of the engine is essential for maintaining your car’s performance. It is controlled by a round pulley called a tensioner that keeps the line taught as it rotates. More often than not, the tensioner goes bad before the timing belt does.

How can I tell if my belt tensioner is bad?

The belt tensioner bearing is the most likely one to fail first, but it’s usually the easiest to check and fix. With the belt off, spin the belt tensioner (which is usually the plain, smooth wheel on a spring loaded arm; the smooth side of the belt rides along it). A bad bearing will not spin as easily and/or will sound rough.

Why do I hear a ticking sound on my timing belt?

If you hear a constant ticking sound, the belt most likely came loose and may need to be replaced as well. Unusual sounds can come from other areas of the car, so make sure you’re hearing them from the engine. Squealing, for instance, could come from the exhaust pipe on the back or the brakes on the bottom of the car.

Can a timing belt tensioner last the life of the engine?

Theoretically the timing belt tensioner should last the life of your engine. That said, a timing belt tensioner can fail and wear out in time just like anything else does so replacing it as part of a timing belt kit along with the belt itself and the water pump in your vehicle

Can a bad belt tensioner cause an engine misfire?

There are a number of causes of engine misfires in your car however a bad timing belt tensioner can definitely lead to this problem as well.

Can a bell tree be replaced without a tensioner?

Without the tensioner arm you wouldn’t be able to pull the bell tree to replace it with a new one. Usually we hear of the timing belt itself going bad and needing to be replaced, it’s possible that the timing belt tensioner is the problem when your engine and it can be replaced separately from the timing belt if it’s not doing his job properly.

What does the pulley on a timing belt do?

Everything is mounted on the base in the spring is what is used to keep things pulled tightly in place. The pulley allows the belts to move as necessary in the system and the tensioner arm is a counterbalance to the spring allowing the timing belts to move and adjust as necessary.

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