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The importance of homework

When it comes to doing homework, students can be roughly divided into three groups: those who always do everything and even ask for extra exercises; those who occasionally revise exercises but far from always do them; those who never get around to doing homework.

Adult students often associate homework with past school days and think they are far behind (especially those who have finished school long ago). Unfortunately, teachers often did not pay enough attention to homework in school. The homework was not tailored to the student’s needs, it was not checked, and it was uninteresting and one-size-fits-all.

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Consequently, some students today are asking the question: do we need homework at all, and what is the use of it? Let us try to find out.

Where does homework come from and why does the teacher set any specific exercises? In the classroom, no matter how hard the teacher tries, it is impossible to practice a certain material 100%. There are several reasons for that: the time limit, the number of people in the group and the volume of information to be presented. The teachers notice what problems arise and what the students have to work on, to “get a grip” – this is how homework is done. Besides, sometimes the instructor may give additional assignments to a certain student in a group if he or she needs to pay attention to a certain problem. It turns out that homework is additional practice and an opportunity to work on a topic again to assimilate and learn the material.

In addition, students often have questions during homework – which is great: since the teacher is not around, you have to Google. This way you can find lots of supplementary materials, appendices, articles, videos, and ways to remember the rule and practice it. So the learning process doesn’t end in the classroom after the lesson – it’s a never-ending process. By the way, to choose the right service to help with your papers, you can read why our WritingAPaper service worth of your attention.      

 What is more, don’t forget that according to the science of “good timing”, or chronobiology, a person’s maximum productivity is anchored in their DNA. Our internal biological clock, embedded in the brain, tells us the ideal time for different activities.

Although each of us has our own ‘stellar time’, according to scientific evidence, learning is most effective between 10 am and 2 pm and between 4 pm and 10 pm, when the brain is in acquisition mode. Also interestingly, the least effective time for learning is between 4 am and 7 am.

During sleep, our brain recovers and is ready to absorb more information in the morning than during the day. Memory easily absorbs new graphic symbols and words, as it is scientifically proven that visual memory works better in the morning. In addition, the ability to recall details such as names, places, dates, and facts improves in the morning.

The importance of homework

When it comes to homework, many students imagine sections from books, printouts, and piles of tables and rules. But this is not always the case. Today, teachers are motivating students to keep them interested – and so new formats are emerging. For example, Steve Darn, in his article The Role of Homework, points out that we live in the internet age – and we need to take advantage of it. Among other things, he recommends the Learn English and Learning English websites – you can find a variety of videos and audio, exercises and rules that are appropriate for a particular level. And other platforms can be used to learn English words such as Kahoot, Quizlet, and Memrise. They make doing homework interactive and interesting for students. This means there is no feeling that you are “on automatic” doing some boring exercise.

I think that doing homework is a very useful thing. It is additional practice, which always pays off: I have had plenty of evidence of this in my teaching practice. For example, when a group starts a course, all the students in it have about the same level of English. But then, some of the students move on, and some stand still. This is later reflected in the test results. It is not difficult to guess that the best results are always shown by students who do their homework and devote extra time to their studies, not limited to attending classes.

It turns out that homework is an integral part of the learning process and a logical extension of the classroom. It is an opportunity to reinforce what you have learned and to work on topics that require extra attention. Homework can also be fun and interactive, and students only need to be willing to learn. In our best essay writing service reddit, you can find useful services that can help you get an excellent mark!

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