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Is there a scan tool for a diesel engine injector?

Is there a scan tool for a diesel engine injector?

The good thing about electronic diesels is that the technician can link up with a scan tool to analyze data in order to try to pinpoint problems. But some problems may be tougher than your customer — or you — think. Take the diagnosis of an injector issue.

What causes the injector spool valve to stiction?

Injector stiction has to do with the injector spool valve. When the FICM commands the injector to open, there can be a delay in the spool valve movement, usually from the spool valve sticking in the bore. There are several things that can cause stiction of the spool valve.

What happens when the injector on a diesel engine is cracked?

So when an injector becomes cracked and the fuel has leaked down in the injection system, crank times will become almost tripled in order for the fuel system to re-prime and the desired threshold reached in order to fire the engine. Determining exactly which injector is cracked can be a lengthy process.

How does oil get into the injector in a diesel engine?

This movement of the spool valve is only 0.017˝. When the open coil is energized, the spool valve moves to allow high-pressure oil in from the rail to flow into the injector. When the closed coil is energized, oil is allowed to drain from the injector into the crankcase.

What causes a fuel injector to stop working?

Over time the nozzle of the injector can become dirty and partially blocked. When you shut off your engine the injector will, soak up the heat of the engine. This causes any fuel left in the injector to evaporate, leaving behind hard deposits, inside the injector. Over time, these will eventually block the injector.

What’s the pressure of a diesel injector pump?

Today’s diesel fuel injection pumps are under pressure – even more pressure than what was once considered “normal.” Around 15-20 years ago, it was common for fuel injector pumps to process fuel in a system at around 10,000 to 15,000 psi (pounds per square inch). But that’s only about half of what engines are expected to do today.

Can a diesel fuel pump injector be clogged?

Diesel fuel pump injectors are high-precision components. They also deal with a tremendous amount of motion and other stresses. One small visitor inside (a piece of dust, debris, etc.) can clog the injector. Worse yet, a microscopic object can leave the injector open all the time. If the injector can’t close, cylinder performance is compromised.

How can I keep my fuel injector in good health?

Another great way to keep injectors in good health is; to regularly add a fuel injector cleaner to to your fuel tank. Many manufacturers claim that these cleaners, will give your car extra power or increased mpg. They probably won’t, or make much difference, to a car that is running properly.

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