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Is chassis lubrication necessary?

Is chassis lubrication necessary?

A vehicle’s frame is also known as its chassis. Today, most vehicles do not require lube service. Some vehicle models even feature a sealed chassis system with Teflon coated joints, which also do not require lubrication.

What should I do before lubricating my chassis?

The first thing you need to do before lubricating your chassis is to get some space underneath the vehicle so that you can work safely. My pickup has enough clearance that I can simply crawl underneath it, grease gun in hand, and get the job done. My Porsche needs to be on ramps or safety stands.

What kind of lubricant do I need for my car?

Chassis lubrication isn’t expensive. You can buy a grease gun, some chassis grease and a couple of aerosol cans of lubricant for less than the price of one worn-out tie rod end. So there’s no excuse. Your vehicle doesn’t need to sound like an angry gerbil on a treadmill.

Where are the lubrication points on a Toyota?

Whether your Toyota is a trail-only machine, a weekend trailrider and daily driver, or a commuter vehicle, there are many lubrication points on the chassis which should not be overlooked.

What kind of lubrication do you use on Toyota slip yokes?

Note: The Toyota Owner’s Manual and the Factory Service Manual both recommend an NLGI-2 moly grease for the double-cardan joints, and an NLGI-2 lithium-based grease for the u-joints and slip yokes.

How often should I lubricate my Ford Autolock hub?

Regular periodic lubrication of Ford’s autolock hubs along with engaging the 4×4 system and manually locking the hubs on a monthly schedule will keep the hubs working and trouble free.

How to lubricate a Ford 4×4 wheel hub?

Install the spring clip around the top and place a small amount of white grease on the splines that slip over the axle and on the outer splines that slip into the wheel hub. Coat the new o-ring from your Ford hub kit with white grease and install it in the o-ring grove on the outside of the AutoLock hub.

Do you have to lubricate wheel bearings for life?

While some wheel bearings are sealed and lubricated for life, many more are not. Servicing your wheel bearings on a regular basis will protect their seals from heat and damage.

How to lubricate a guzzle 4×4 Autolock hub?

On a clean work surface, place the small gear inside of the large gear with the snap ring groove pointing up. Slide the flat thrust washer over the shaft, and then slide the bearing over the shaft with the flat side down. Set the spring over the bearing and while compressing the spring, place the 5 toothed nylon piece over the bearing.

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