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How to troubleshoot an Eaton Gen 3 Autoshift?

How to troubleshoot an Eaton Gen 3 Autoshift?

1. Place shift lever in neutral 2. Lift the drive wheels off of the ground or disconnect the driveline Do not operate the vehicle if Alternator light is lit or if gauges indicate low voltage. Ensure ignition is off while hands are within the clutch housing area. © 2016 Eaton.

What causes hard shifting on an Eaton transmission?

Linkage problems stem from worn connections or bushings, binding, improper adjustment, lack of lubrication on the joints or an obstruction which restricts free movement. To determine if the transmission itself is the cause of hard shifting, remove the shift lever or linkage from the top of the transmission.

Where can I find the Eaton transmission manual?

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information in this manual. However, Eaton Transmission Division makes no expressed or implied warranty or representation based on the enclosed information. Any errors or omissions may be reported to Training and Publications, Eaton Transmission Division, P.O. Box 4013, Kalamazoo, MI 49003.

What causes a slipout on an Eaton Fuller transmission?

Under the right conditions, slipout will result. Some of these conditions are: Transmission mounted eccentrically with engine flywheel pilot. Excessive gear clashing which shortens clutching teeth. Incorrect adjustment of remote shift control linkage resulting in partial engagement. Also check for loose connections and worn bushings.

Why does my Eaton Fuller not shift gears?

My eaton fuller autoshift suddenly will not go into any gears in my driveway, just shows down arrows and R or 2 (flashing) when I try to go into any gear. When i have the truck off and turn key to start position and try to shift gears i can hear the transmission shifting successfully, however once the engine is running it will not shift gears.

How to troubleshoot an Eaton ultrashift plus fault code?

When troubleshooting an Inactive fault code, use the Fault Isolation Procedures to guide you to the wiring and connectors associated wi th that fault. Once PD Mode is activated, flex the wiring harness and connectors to attempt to recreate the fault.

How to troubleshoot an Eaton heavy duty transmission?

Guide to servicing and repairing Eaton Fuller heavy-duty truck transmission, assistance locating the issue of transmission trouble, analyze the cause and make necessary repairs for 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed Eaton transmissions. For more in-depth assistance refer to your transmission model service manual or give us a call at 877-776-4600.

When did the ultrashift PLUS transmission come out?

Built on the industry’s most iconic transmission platform, UltraShift® PLUS transmissions were launched in 2009 to meet the growing trend of automation. These transmissions balance performance with fuel economy, providing error-free, guess-proof shifting – making every driver in your fleet shift as fuel-efficient as your best driver.

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