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How much torque does a 12 bolt rear axle have?

How much torque does a 12 bolt rear axle have?

The 12-bolt derives its name from the number of bolts in its differential cover, which distinguish it from all other General Motors (GM) axles. The 12-bolt can use either an oval-shaped or irregularly shaped gasket, but cover bolt torque comes in at 20 foot-lbs. regardless of cover type.

Where can I find the torque specification guide?

Ensure that you have the correct torque for the application by referring to SKF 457377 torque specification guide or contact the vehicle manufactures dealer. It is important that you properly torque the spindle nut to ensure optimum bearing life. Under torque of an axle nut will allow excessive movement causing uneven loading and excessive wear.

What are the torque specs on a Suzuki?

Item N*m kg-m lb-ft Starter clutch bolt 10 1.0 7.0 Generator stator set bolt 10 1.0 7.0 Generator stator clamp bolt 5.5 0.55 4.0 Crankshaft position sensor set bolt 5.5 0.55 4.0

What are the torque specifications for an MGB?

Differential Bearing Cap Bolts Type: Bolt 11 132 14.91 Type: 44 528 59.66 Type: 44 528 59.66 Type: Bolt 55 660 74.57 Type: 28 336 37.96 Type: 22 264 29.83 Spring Pan to Control Arm Bolts & Nuts Type: Bolt 57 684 77.28 REAR Shock Absorber to Body/Frame Type: Bolt 28 336 37.96 FRONT – Shock Absorber Pinch Bolt Type: Bolt 60

How important are torque specs?

Proper torque is critical for two reasons. First, it secures the axle nut so it won’t work itself loose and back off. Second, the proper torque keeps the correct load on a hub assembly needed for longer bearing life. Torque specifications can be different, even for the same hub, if it’s multiple applications.

What are the main bearings in an engine?

In a piston engine, the main bearings are the bearings which hold the crankshaft in place and allow it to rotate within the engine block . Main bearings are usually plain bearings or journal bearings, held in place by the engine block and bearing caps.

What are the torque specifications?

Torque is part of the basic specification of an engine: the power output of an engine is expressed as its torque multiplied by its rotational speed. Internal-combustion engines produce useful torque only over a limited range of rotational speeds (typically from around 1,000–6,000 rpm for a small car).

What is the head bolt torque specs?

Torque specs: Torque specs: CYLINDER HEAD BOLT TORQUE SPECS (tightening) / (loosening) 8, 4, 2, 6, 10 7, 3, 1, 5, 9. Torque in steps: 22ft-lbs (264in-lbs), Then to 63ft-lbs (756in-lbs) (final spec) 94+ Teg

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