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How much is Raheem Sterling worth?

How much is Raheem Sterling worth?

Sterling’s net worth is around £28 million ($36m) according to the Sunday TImes Rich List 2020….What is Raheem Sterling’s net worth?

Net worth: £28 million ($36m)
Date of Birth: December 8, 1994
Country of birth: Jamaica

How much was Sergio Aguero bought for?

Agüero signed for Premier League club Manchester City in 2011 in a transfer for a reported fee of £35 million. During his 10 years at the club, he won five league titles, including scoring a last minute winner in the final league game of his debut season, to win the club its first league title in 44 years.

Who is Aguero wife?

Giannina Maradonam. 2008–2012
Sergio Agüero/Wife

How much does Harry Kane make?

The Spurs striker is reported to be earning £300,000 per week, but will demand to become the highest-paid player in the Premier League with a new deal worth £400,000 a week.

How much did Barca buy Aguero for?

Aguero, 32, has agreed to a two-year deal with a €100 million buyout clause after announcing earlier this season that he would end his 10-year association with City.

How much did Barcelona pay Aguero?

11.97 million GBP (2021)
Sergio Agüero/Salary

Is Messi the godfather of Aguero son?

Sergio Agüero married the daughter of the late-great Diego Maradona, and their son, born in 2009 and called Benjamín, also has a very special godfather: Leo Messi.

How Much Will Harry Kane make?

How much does De Bruyne earn a week?

2021 Active Roster

Player (22) Pos. Weekly Salary
Kevin De Bruyne M £400,000
Jack Grealish M £300,000
Raheem Sterling F £300,000
John Stones D £250,000

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