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How high can you rev an engine?

How high can you rev an engine?

How high an engine can rev is one thing, where it makes its power at is an entirely different thing. If you build an engine with top of the line components, (like one of ours), it can safely rev to 8,000 RPM, but it may peak it’s power curve at only 6,000 RPM.

Why does my RV8 engine stop at 3000 rpm?

It hasn’t been getting worse over a period of time it just stops at approx 3000 rpm and then you have to change gear and it accelerates fine until it hits 3000rpm again. Distributor and rotor combinations for RV8s are like a lottery. Had some issues tracking the right ignition parts down myself in the past.

What happens when engine revs over 3000rpm?

Trigger sensor for the ignition module, in the distributor, could be dying. If it is, then it could go for months like this before suddenly packing in altogether one day. It missfires a little but the power just dissapears. Parked up it revs over 5000rpm with no problem. What happens when you hit 3k, does it just stop or start to miss / back fire.

What kind of engine does a Newmar motorhome have?

Cummins makes diesel engines and Allison makes the transmissions for the 8.1L . We have a ’03 in a Newmar and think it is a great combo. We have the 5 speed trans., drive 62 mph and always have the toad.

Why does my truck stop at 3000 rpm?

I noticed 2 days ago that I can’t get the motor to rev past 3000 rpms…this was apparent when I got in the fast lane and jumped on it. The truck downshifted and when it hit 3000 rpms it just fumbled and wouldn’t continue accelerating.

Why is my engine not revving at 2800 rpm?

The first thing to check is the fuel supply. If that doesn’t resolve, you’ve got to start investigating. I had a similar problem last year and it turned out it was water leaking into the engine from the exhaust manifold to riser flange connection (bad gasket). That resulted in cracked heads.

When do you start the car, the engine revs?

Car engine revs way up immediately upon starting engine. Q: Car engine revs way up immediately upon starting engine. When starting the engine, it sounds like you have your foot pressed to the floor on the gas pedal as soon as you start it, without even having your foot on the gas.

Is the Chevy Chev engine a good motor?

Chevy ford, both are good motors, ford has a 460 and Chevy has a 454. The only short coming is, the exhaust manifolds can be overheated easily and crack.

What kind of engine does a Chevy 3500 have?

The Chevy is likely to be a 3500 (about like E350), maybe the newer 4500 series (equivalent to E450) but the only engine offered would be the 6.0L V8. That engine will outdo the Ford 5.4 and come close to the V10. The Chevy handles better than a stock Ford and has a much more user-friendly cab.

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