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How do I find out if my crib has been recalled?

How do I find out if my crib has been recalled?

Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s crib recall list. You can search by the brand of your crib or for all cribs by date of recall. The site has contact information for reaching the manufacturer for further instructions.

Are Delta Children toxic?

The Delta Children baby mattress converts from a standard baby crib to a toddler bed, daybed or full-sized bed. The crib mattress height can be lowered as your child grows to reduce the risk of the baby easily climbing out. The sturdy, sleek design meets JPMA toxic and chemical-free U.S. standards.

What can I do with old crib recalls?

30 Fabulous Reuses & Repurposes for Old or Recalled Cribs

  1. NEW! (
  2. Create a Cool Craft & Storage Center from your Recalled Crib.
  3. Get Organized in the Laundry Room with Your Old Crib.
  4. Turn Your Old Crib into a Bench or Chair.
  5. A Repurposed Crib Becomes a Plate Rack.
  6. Cool Message Centers, Chalkboards & Easels from Old Cribs.

Why were drop side cribs recalled?

15, 2010 — The Consumer Product Safety Commission is banning cribs with drop-down sides because they have been blamed for the deaths of at least 32 infants since 2001.

Is it safe to use a 10 year old crib?

Do not use cribs older than 10 years or broken or modified cribs. Infants can strangle to death if their bodies pass through gaps between loose components or broken slats while their heads remain entrapped. Set up play yards properly according to manufacturers’ directions.

Are Drop side cribs recalled?

Drop-Side Crib Statistics Since 2005 there have been 11 separate drop-side crib recalls. These recalls have resulted in the removal of over 7 million cribs from the marketplace. Since 2000 there have been a minimum of 32 confirmed deaths and another 14 suspected deaths attributed to defective drop-side cribs.

Are Delta Children mattresses safe?

All Delta Children crib mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and meet the strictest standards offered by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which recognizes products with low chemical emissions, contributing to improved indoor air quality.

Is Delta Children’s furniture safe?

No one takes safety and testing as seriously as we do at Delta Children. Our Dresser Tip-Over Test simulates a child climbing onto open dresser drawers and ensures the dresser won’t fall over onto the child. Also, every Delta Children dresser includes a wall-anchor for additional safety and support!

Can you give away a drop side crib?

Dropside cribs can no longer be sold or donated under new federal consumer protection rules. Cribs manufactured before July 23, 2010, don’t meet new standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and are illegal to resell or donate.

How many babies have died from drop side cribs?

When that happens, it can create a dangerous “V”-like gap between the mattress and side rail where a baby can get caught and suffocate or strangle. In all, drop-side cribs have been blamed in the deaths of at least 32 infants and toddlers since 2000 and are suspected in another 14 infant fatalities.

What is the danger of drop side cribs?

When hardware breaks or deforms, the drop side can detach in one or more corners from the crib. If an infant or toddler rolls or moves into the space created by a partially detached drop side, the child can become entrapped or wedged between the crib mattress and the drop side and suffocate.

Why are older cribs not safe?

Older cribs are less likely to meet these standards, which makes them more of a hazard. They might have slats that are too far apart, have lead paint or cracked or splintered wood, or have unsafe corner posts. It’s also possible that the crib could have been recalled, especially in the case of drop-side models.

Are there any recalls on drop side cribs?

Some 156,000 of the Baby Drop-Side cribs sold at retailers nationwide from January 2000 through March 2010 for between $100 and $330 are included in the recall. The company received 43 reports of drop-side failures with the affected models, which were manufactured in Taiwan and China.

Are there any recalls on LaJobi cribs?

The cribs were manufactured in China, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United States. If you own one of the Lajobi cribs included in the recall, you may contact the company at (888) 738-5676 anytime or visit the firm’s website to order a repair kit to immobilize the drop-sides.

Are there any recalls on daVinci baby cribs?

These cribs were recalled because of a metal bracket that can break causing a fall, laceration or entrapment hazard. Recalled models include DaVinci’s Reagan (#M2801), Emily (#M4791), Jamie (#M7301), and Jenny Lind (#M7391).

Are there any recalls on Mathew and Lauren cribs?

The company says there are no reports of incidents or injuries. This recall involves Mathew & Lauren collection cribs, identified by model 8700-700. The recalled product is a crib that can be converted into a double bed. The model number can be found on the product’s packaging and on a label on the inside of the side panel.

Is there a recall on Delta drop side cribs?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Delta Enterprise Corp., of New York, New York., is announcing the voluntary recall to replace missing safety pegs involving 985,000 drop side cribs. Failure to use or install safety pegs can cause an entrapment and suffocation risk to infants and toddlers.

Are there any recalls on million dollar baby cribs?

They are made by Childcraft, Delta, Evenflo, Jardine, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby, and Simmons. There have been far too many tragedies involving babies and toddlers resulting from dangerous cribs. In the last five years, CPSC has announced 18 recalls involving more than 9 million drop-side cribs. (…)

Where are the model numbers on the Delta cribs?

The recalled cribs have date codes ranging from 1995 through December 2005 and one model (4624) was made in 2007. The model numbers are located on the top of the mattress support board.

Which is the best baby crib by Delta children?

The stylish two-toned Poppy 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib by Delta Children will be the centerpiece of your little one’s bedroom for years to come.

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