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Are there any problems with a caravan water system?

Are there any problems with a caravan water system?

In this practical guide to caravan water sytems, technical writer Terry Owen delves into the systems that take water from the container to the tap and traces caravan water systems back down the years. “One of the problems of using pressure switches with submersible pumps is that the delivery pressure if very dependent on battery voltage,” he says.

What was the problem with my Dodge Grand Caravan?

I have a 2002 Dodge grand caravan, 3.3 engine. 137,000 miles. The problem started 2 years ago when top radiator hose blew off going down highway. Filled coolant system back up and put a screw type clamp on hose.

What kind of water heater do I need for my caravan?

Truma’s Ultrastore water heater replaced the Cascade, which itself had been around for some years. You will find the Ultrastore on many UK caravans made between 2001 up to 2013. Although still in production, it has now been largely superseded by Truma’ s Combi heater, which also provides ‘space heating’.

How does pressure switch on caravan water system work?

As the pressure rises when you turn a tap off, the switch operates, turning the pump off. The system then holds the pressure between the closed tap and the pressure switch, which acts as a non-return valve. Since water is non-compressible, you may be wondering how pressure switching can work.

What causes a caravan water pump to run sluggishly?

Grass cuttings, hair or other debris caught around the spindle is likely to cause sluggish rotation. Tip: When you check for debris, glance at the pump impeller while it’s running, but don’t let it run in a dry state for long. Water starvation is also caused by a restriction in a supply pipe.

How does a submersible pump work in a caravan?

Many of today’s UK caravans are served by a submersible pump that you lower into the supply vessel. These have an impeller, which is like a paddle wheel and its function is to push water along the inlet pipe. This type of pump only delivers water when it has been ‘primed’ full of water. If they fail, repairs are seldom possible.

Where does the water come from in a caravan?

Finally, full-service pitches put a ‘private’ tap by every caravan so that visitors can plumb in their tourers via a dedicated hose with a pressure-reducing component. Regardless of the refinements, it is always annoying when something goes wrong with caravan water systems. So let’s embark on a troubleshooting mission, highlighting key issues.

When did they start using pumps in caravans?

Back In the 1950s, caravan water was typically collected in a large enamel jug. The system was simple and little went wrong. Then, in the 1960s, pumps arrived: some hand-operated, others by foot. Electric pumps followed, prompting the need for switches to activate the motor whenever water was needed.

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