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Are there any Iveco minibuses on eBay?

Are there any Iveco minibuses on eBay?

If you search through eBay you can find a lot of different models of Iveco Minibuses for sale. Some of the models that are available are the Iveco Iris Bus, Iveco Daily 50C17, 45C15, 45C17, 70C17, 40C12, 40C15, 35C12, 35S12, 50C15, and many more.

How many people can fit in an Iveco Bus?

The Iveco minibus is designed as a commercial vehicle and is capable of safely transporting up to 22 passengers, depending on the specific model, while buses and coaches can transport up to 70 people. You can find the right Iveco vehicle for your needs from eBay’s extensive selection. Why do you need an Iveco minibus?

What are the different types of minibuses?

Versatility is the key strength of the Daily minibus, because the comprehensive range of different models and specifications meet the most diverse passenger transport requirements: + Daily Tourys: a grand touring vehicle in a compact package + Daily Line: ideal for intercity routes. Three types of engines are available: diesel, CNG and electric.

Where do I find electric system in Iveco?

On the electric/electronic system section there are the descriptions of the electric network and vehicle electronic systems, electric schemes, components electric characteristics, components codes and troubleshooting relating to the central units specific of the electric system.

What are the features of the Iveco Daily van?

3 Facts about the IVECO Daily Van. The New Daily’s engines stand out for their fuel efficiency thanks to the introduction of features such as the new Electronic-Controlled Variable Geometry Turbine, the exclusive Class A Super Eco Low Rolling tyres specifically designed for the Daily and the Start & Stop system.

Why does Iveco Daily van eliminate hand brake lever?

Eliminating the hand brake lever frees up space in the cab allowing to move easily across it in comfort. INFO: krpano 1.19-pr16 (build 2018-04-04) INFO: HTML5/Desktop – CSS3D INFO: Registered to: Antonino Del Popolo ERROR: loading of ‘panos/daily360_28_03_19.tiles/preview.jpg’ failed!

What does the new Iveco sat nav system do?

The new Iveco multi-media system makes travelling even more comfortable and enjoyable for both the driver – thanks to the sat-nav built into the dashboard and a reversing camera – and for passengers, who can make use of an LCD monitor.

How is the uptime of Iveco services improved?

Uptime is improved by putting the vehicle in direct contact with the IVECO specialists who will receive real-time data, can conduct diagnostics and can identify possibile issues before they occur by taking proactive actions thereby reducing downtime.

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