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Why is my flex fuel sensor not working?

Why is my flex fuel sensor not working?

Check your plug for wire breaks at the plug and dirty or loose connection within the connector (vehicle side). Why not simplify–install the replicator that Adam mentioned above and avoid E85. The only people that benefit over the long haul from E85 are the mechanics who replace the sensors.

What does a flex fuel composition sensor do?

Flex Fuel Composition/Temperature Sensor. A Flex Fuel Composition/Temperature Sensor is digital sensor used to monitor the ethanol content of the fuel as well as the fuel temperature. This can be used with your Elite ECU for Flex Fuel tuning to suit a varying blend of ethanol in the fuel, for datalogging, and for Engine Protection purposes.

How does the flex fuel custom OS work?

The flex fuel custom OS utilises the second O2 sensor on BF/FG as the flex fuel sensor input. This will require a converter (zeitronix or other) to convert the standard flex fuel PWM signal into a 0-5v signal. Pirotta Performance has developed a plug in loom for the O2 sensor for this purpose.

Which is more accurate a flex fuel sensor or a fluent sensor?

Therefore, it is more accurate and reliable to employ a flexible-fuel sensor, also called flex-fuel sensor. The sensor determines the ethanol content of the fluent fuel before it is injected. For an immediate response the location of the sensor is chosen as close to the injector as possible.

When did the Flex Fuel Sensor go bad?

I just replaced the flex fuel sensor on my 2004 Yukon with the 5.3L flex engine approximately 45 days ago. Today I got a check engine light for the fuel composition sensor again (P0178) and had the same symptoms the last time it went bad.

Is it safe to use a flex fuel system?

You can’t have a safe flex fuel system if you don’t account for situations where the ever-so-important ethanol content signal is lost. The flex fuel tune can react to a situation of voltage going outside the normal range. Cobb will even throw a custom check engine light to alert the user.

What’s the best voltage range for a flex fuel?

There are several options on the market and some are even plug and play. It is best to consider an ECA that outputs either a custom linear voltage range or a specific linear range that is inside of 0 to 5 volts, meaning something such as .5 volts to 4.5 volts where .5 represents 0% ethanol and 4.5 represents 100% ethanol.

What do you call a flex fuel vehicle?

This is known as being a flex fuel vehicle (FFV). Initially, most companies used a physical ethanol content sensor. As fuel passes through this sensor, it actually measures the amount of gasoline, despite being called an “ethanol” content sensor.

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