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Why does my GM Truck make a ticking noise?

Why does my GM Truck make a ticking noise?

I’ve got something similar except my noise sounds like a piece of plastic or something blowing around inside the dash under low speeds whenever there is vacuum from the throttle being pushed. Could this be a busted piece from an actuator?

What makes the ticking noise from behind the dash?

I had an 03 HD that made the same noise you are describing. It was the mode door actuator mounted on the left side of the a/c box, just to the right of your gas pedal. Next time it starts making the noise simply place your hand on the actuator and you will be able to feel the clicking.

Why does my Yukon make a ticking noise?

The ticking noise on our Yukon is not just momentary. It goes for quite a long time but will eventually stop. It seems to happen after the vehicle has not been drove in awhile. I found this previous post and also replied to it. Sounds like the same thing.

Where does the tick sound come from in a truck?

It sounds like a bearing tick when the bearing goes bad, but its coming from the middle of the truck (on the bottom around the driveline). Here are a few weird facts about the noise. It occurs in forward gears under medium / hard acceleration, its there under low acceleration but very quiet.

What’s the clicking sound on a GM Truck?

When I have heter on and it is clicking, if I push the REC button it stops, but in that position, if I turn the heater/fan off the clicking starts again for the 30 sec.? Anyone have any imput on this. Thank you in advance …….Sherrie

What does clicking from pass side low dash mean?

Take some pics if you can. Always nice to have as much info as possible on a repair. It will help those who follow in your footsteps.:biggrin:

Why do I hear a clicking sound from my heater?

What’s happening is the heater controls are run by little electric motors that open and close vent doors. When these little motors reach their limit as far as opening, or closing these doors, the “ratchet” on a limit spring so the motor won’t burn up.

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