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Why does my Ford Focus go into sleep mode?

Why does my Ford Focus go into sleep mode?

A defective CANbus module prevents the CANbus system from entering sleep mode. The result is that the active CANbus system drains the battery. Not entering sleep mode can be recognised by not switching off the display of the instrument cluster. Normally the display switches off about half an hour after locking the car.

What causes parasitic drain on Ford Focus Mk2?

On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 this is a known problem which most times is caused by a defective CANbus module. A defective CANbus module prevents the CANbus system from entering sleep mode.

What was the problem with my Ford Focus?

Here’s what happened… Chris’s honeymoon period with his new Ford Focus came to an end almost a year to the day he bought it, when one morning he pressed the ignition button and was greeted not with the usual sound of the engine, but ticking, then silence. He called Ford Assistance and was told the battery had suffered a massive drain.

Why is the battery draining on my Ford Focus?

I have a 2010 ford focus, when left overnight the battery is draining to a point that the car will not start. Tested the battery and that is fine in its self and is charging fine when the car is running. Therefore something is drawing power when car is shutdown.

When did the radio stop working on my Ford Focus?

Our Ford Focus 2012 radio stopped working about three months ago. Suddenly, this morning the radio is on again.Good thing we did not sink any money into it trying to get it fixed.

Is the 2006 Ford Focus a good car?

“2006 Ford Focus doesn’t hold alignment; must realign every year and still wears tires much faster than any other car I’ve owned. Overall, very good car, however”

What to do when your CD gets stuck in your car?

Here are some techniques to try when your CD gets stuck in your car CD player. These tricks are focused mainly on single disc CD players but they may work on your multi-disk changer. Usual disclaimers – attempting repairs can ruin your player. If your car is under warranty, take it to the dealer.

What are the problems with the Ford Focus?

Owner Reported Trouble Spots 1 Suspension. Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage (includes rack and pinion), power steering (pumps and hoses, leaks), wheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, 2 Electric System. 3 Body Integrity.

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